30 June 2006

The NY Times Looses Its Wingman

The WSJ defends itself while trashing the NY Times, in this editorial about the formerly secret Treasury Department weapon of the War on Terror.

It starts like this:
President Bush, among others, has since assailed the press for revealing the program, and the Times has responded by wrapping itself in the First Amendment, the public's right to know and even The Wall Street Journal. We published a story on the same subject on the same day, and the Times has since claimed us as its ideological wingman. So allow us to explain what actually happened, putting this episode within the larger context of a newspaper's obligations during wartime.

And keeps attacking the Times and their editorial stance on the issue.

Read the whole thing and judge for yourself, I already have.

I still have a problem with the newshole of the WSJ and hole they will slant a story even in a paper that is called conservative. They themselves talk about the difference:
We should make clear that the News and Editorial sections of the Journal are separate, with different editors. The Journal story on Treasury's antiterror methods was a product of the News department, and these columns had no say in the decision to publish.

But one again read it all and think about it

I'm So Proud

Last night I was explaining the foolish SCOTUS decision about Gitmo to Heidi and Joey.

Joey looked at me from the back seat of the car and asked "When was the Supreme Court taken over by chimpanzees?" He's 13.

First, I almost crashed the car from laughter, then I explained to him that the Chimps had taken over along time ago, and we were just now getting close to getting control back in human hands.

Well as cptham said when I told him the story. It's Nurture, not Nature.

29 June 2006

SCOTUS Joins The War On The War On Terror

The Supremes; well Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer, Stevens at least, have sided with OBL's driver against the people of the United States in this decision, ain't that a kick in the teeth.

Well what I'm going to do is read as much of it as I can before my head explodes, and then I'll make my snide and pithy little comments about the decision.

See you later this week.

27 June 2006

A Soldier Fires Back At The NYTimes

Thanks to today's Laura Ingraham Show on XM I was able to here Laura read this letter to the NYTimes that the boys over at Powerline published today.

This is from a Lt sitting in the sandbox RIGHT NOW and it conveys his anger at the elitist snobs at the Times who determine themselves what secrets should stay secret. Some excerpts:

Congratulations on disclosing our government's highly classified anti-terrorist-financing program (June 23). I apologize for not writing sooner. But I am a lieutenant in the United States Army and I spent the last four days patrolling one of the more dangerous areas in Iraq. (Alas, operational security and common sense prevent me from even revealing this unclassified location in a private medium like email.) ...

And, by the way, having graduated from Harvard Law and practiced with a federal appellate judge and two Washington law firms before becoming an infantry officer, I am well-versed in the espionage laws relevant to this story and others -- laws you have plainly violated. I hope that my colleagues at the Department of Justice match the courage of my soldiers here and prosecute you and your newspaper to the fullest extent of the law. By the time we return home, maybe you will be in your rightful place: not at the Pulitzer announcements, but behind bars.

Very truly yours,

Tom Cotton
Baghdad, Iraq

He says it all and says it best.

23 June 2006

Can We Call Them Traitors NOW?

The New York Times broke this story today. And in their own words:

Viewed by the Bush administration as a vital tool, the program has played a hidden role in domestic and foreign terrorism investigations since 2001 and helped in the capture of the most wanted Qaeda figure in Southeast Asia, the officials said.

Now they were not alone in the treason game. The LA Times and even the newshole (thanks Ben Stein) of the Wall Street Journal, had versions of this story. It was of course picked up by my local fishwrap, and placed just under the story about the Missin' Linc siding with the Dems in yesterday's troop vote.

Here we have some of the most "important" (their words/ not mine) newspapers in the nations continuing the Learn about it - Tell the world about it game that wins them fans and Pulitzer's.

Who cares if there are real terrorists in this country and in other nations that we are stopping? Who cares if American lives will be saved?
Who care as long as the Bush administration looks bad, even when no innocent is hurt?
They only care about themselves and their own need to be ego stroked.

I'm bullshit about this, but I have found a way to smile and it is once again thanks to the Great Ott and his wonderful take on this. Best line:

"crucial to the success of the war on the war on terror"

LOL and true because that is what it is.

Again can we call them traitors NOW?????

22 June 2006

Why Is Linc Chafee A Republican, Part 793?

The U.S. Senate today, rejected two different Democrat Party resolutions regarding troop withdrawals from Iraq.

In an 86-13 vote, the Senate turned back a proposal from some Democrats to require the administration to withdraw all combat troops from Iraq by July 1, 2007, with redeployments beginning this year. No Republicans voted in favor of the plan.
Minutes later, the Senate rejected by 60-39 the proposal more popular with Democrats, a nonbinding resolution that to urge the administration to begin withdrawing troops, but with no timetable for the war's end.

The first resolution from the war hero John Kerry, with his (to the freedom loving people of Iraq) dropdead date of July 1st, 2007, received no support from the Democrat wing of the Republican Party. Resolution number two, well that was a different story.

The only Republican to vote with the MINORITY party?
You guessed it, the Missing Linc himself. That rumbling sound you hear in Arlington National Cemetery is his father, John L.H. Chafee who served in the Marines during World War II, spending his 20th birthday on Guadalcanal.

Again I ask why is the National Party supporting this clown?

Calling Out The Anti-War Cranks

Today the WSJ crushes one out of the park with this piece about the differences between the US military in Iraq and our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

That's a distinction worth pondering the next time you hear Iraq war critics carp at the U.S. refusal to apply Geneva Convention privileges to enemy combatants. The Convention extends those privileges to combatants who abide by the laws it sets for war, including the treatment of prisoners.
Combatants who fail to obey those laws--by not wearing distinctive military insignia or targeting civilians--are not entitled to its privileges. If they were, the very purpose of the Convention would be rendered a nonsense. And this is why the U.S. has refused Geneva privileges to the enemy combatants at Guantanamo, which we hope is an argument heeded by the Supreme Court as it decides the Hamdan case.

Well said and followed by this:

Meantime, the U.S. military continues to examine allegations that Marines killed 24 civilians in the town of Haditha last November. Pentagon investigators have also uncovered evidence of detainee abuse by U.S. Special Forces in early 2004--just as the Army was the first to disclose the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib.
For some, all this is just more evidence of inveterate U.S. barbarity or the criminal abuses made possible by Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales. In fact, it testifies to a U.S. military and executive branch willing to investigate, disclose and prosecute errant military behavior, whatever the military or political price. That's something Mr. Murtha and his fellow-travelers in Congress and the media might not recognize. But a majority of Iraqis do, which is why, in the battle against the killers of Privates Tucker and Menchaca, they line up to fight on our side.

Read it all and pass it on to everyone who supports the type of people who did what was done to Pvts. Thomas L. Tucker and Kristian Menchaca.

Chafee And The House Democranks

Yesterday's WSJ (subscription required) had an editorial about House Democrats and their great "pay-as-you-go" plan to "deal with" the ever decreasing federal deficit.

Now what does this have to do with the Missin' Linc? Well his radio and tv ads praise his support for paygo, and his web page even quotes from a WSJ newshole story by "conservative killjoy" Jackie Calmes, as though it was an editorial position with the following:

This week, as in the past, Sen. Chafee joined Democrats in unsuccessfully trying to get the White House and Republicans to reinstate Clinton-era pay-as-you-go rules requiring any new spending or tax cuts to be offset by other spending cuts or revenue increases. He also has voted against the Bush tax cuts, the Medicare drug benefit and the Iraq war. While conservative groups attack him, Mr. Chafee has won an Economic Patriot Award from the middle-of-the-road budget watchdog group, the Concord Coalition.

Well now the WSJ doesn't really feel that way about paygo and lays it out in a piece entitled "The 'Pay-As-You-Go' Ruse". My favorite part is:

The real game here is to make tax cutting all but impossible..Had paygo still been in force, the 2003 tax cuts that have done so much to spur growth and increase federal revenues would never have passed.

Makes me still think that Linc is running in the wrong party primary.

20 June 2006

A Great Speech From POTUS

The Prez spoke directly to the people of Iran today and scored some major points.

To help provide more opportunities for the people of Iran, we will look for new ways to increase contact between Americans and Iranians, especially in education and culture, sports and tourism. We'll provide more than $75 million this year to promote openness and freedom for the Iranian people. These funds will allow us to expand and improve radio and television broadcasts to the people of Iran. These funds will support Iranian human rights advocates and civil society organizations. And these funds will promote student and faculty exchanges, so we can build bridges of understanding between our people.
Americans believe the future of Iran will be decided by the people of Iran -- and we believe that future can be one of progress and prosperity and achievement. We look forward to the day when our nations are friends, and when the people of Iran enjoy the full fruits of liberty, and play a leading role to establish peace in our world.

Now let us hope that, as Winston over at The Spirit of Man says,

President Bush must keep on talking like this and help the legitimate Iranian opposition forces topple the Islamic regime of Iran before there's a mideastern North Korea.

Now I have an idea. Let's plug this speech into Babblefish, push the Korean button, and send it to the starving people of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, and see what happens.

What can it hurt. Democratic movements belong to all oppressed peoples, not just those with Q'rans strapped to their waists.

Hey, while we're at it let's do the Spanish plug-in and send it 90 miles south of Miami.

19 June 2006

I'm Back

My brain was just not into the political game for the last week, now I'm getting ready for more fun.

The left is flailing away, and this is a great moment in stupid legislative news;

Sen. Jarrett Barrios was so outraged his son Nathaniel, a third-grader, was given a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich at the King Open School in Cambridge, he said he plans to file legislation to outlaw the marshmallow spread in school lunch programs.

Wow, that'll fix the world's problems. BTW Fluff is made in Lynn Massachusetts.

Also this asshat's little game of chicken with the US military is blowed up by my hero Uncle Jimbo at Black Five.

Remember, as Ann Coulter implies in Godless, liberals are wrong about so much, why should we be surprised when they keep doing what they are so good at doing?

12 June 2006

My Efforts In The War Against Left/Liberal/Loons

This past weekend I found myself in bookstores turning copies of Ann Coulter's book "Godless" around so that they were facing the RIGHT way, pun intended.

At the local Borders, I saw a full display of the "offending" book turned around as I was first walking into the store. When I was done they were all facing out, so that people could see both the title and the photo of the author.

I also ran into the old "turn and hide the book behind another book" trick at our usually reliable warehouse club store. When I was done fixing the display, I was confronted by an employee of the store, who was wondering what it was that I was doing. After informing her that I was putting the book out in such a way that shoppers could acutely see it and if they wished to, they could buy a copy, I received a stammering repeat of the first question. I then asked her if she wanted me to report to her manager the manner in which I found the book displayed in the first place. She walked away. I went by later, on my way out and found that the books were just as I had left them.

So what's all this talk about the right to dissent being squashed by the Republithug ChimpyMcHitlerBurton's goons?
Who's freedoms are being denied now?

09 June 2006

Sorry For The Silence

I've been trying to post the last couple of days, but for some reason Blogger has been unreasonable and hasn't let me save or post.
Well, life goes on.
I'll be back with more rants next week on such topics as Iran, RI Senate race, Looney Lefties and all the usual crap I rant about.

UPDATE: I just saw that a post that refused to appear yesterday popped-up today right after I posted my mea culpa. Go figure.

08 June 2006

A Rock Upside His Head

A Florida judge has issued one of the most useless decisions not issued by the 9th Circuit in a long time.
When faced with two childlike attorneys who refused to come to an agreement on where to hold a bloody deposition, he ordered them to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors.
And he's f'ing proud of his decision.
Judge Gregory A. Presnell of Orlando ordered the unusual measure, which he characterized as "a new form of alternative dispute resolution,"

Well what do we expect, he was a Clintonista appointment in 2000. Why should the judge be any better at making decisions then the guy who put him there.

05 June 2006

Let Freedom Ring

Today is the 17th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square so I just want everyone to think about what is happening in Iran.

This weekend in Opinion Journal interview Reza Pahlavi talks about the need to support the fledgling Democracy movement in Iran;

"there is only one thing that the outside world can do, and that is to tell the regime: 'We are serious about supporting the people who are inside Iran who are against you.' That is the only thing that will make Mr. Khamenei [Iran's supreme leader] and everybody stand down. Because nothing else ruffles them. The only thing they are really scared of are the people themselves."

This along with stories from Winston over at The Spirit of Man about protests in the Iranian Colleges, Jason Lee Steorts piece in National Review (NR Digital subscription needed) and various bits from around the blogoshere.

But the real sad part is, it isn't enough.

Where is the daily national coverage on the nets about the brave Iranian dissidents?
Where is the union leadership in this country that supports Mansoor Osanloo the leader of the illegal bus drivers union who is still in prison?
Where is the Government in calling for the end of this horrible regime?
Where is the Left that is busy slandering Coke a Cola about union deaths in a nationalist war?
Where are you?

04 June 2006


A most disturbing bit of news from England.

It seams that the same people who have made piggy banks disappear in Great Britain have made the Union Jack do the same.

Because some English born Hadji says

the red cross in the England flag symbolizes the 'blood thirsty crusaders' and the occupation of Muslims

Okay, repeat after me.

Thanks (I think) to LGF for this.

31 May 2006

This CNN Reporter Will Be Looking For A New Gig Soon

I can only imagine the noise that the bosses at CNN made when the found this story on their web page.
I mean, I mean, I mean, just imagine the brains exploding as a paid employee of the DNC's favorite news agency stated that:
I was with them in Husayba as they went house to house in an area where insurgents would booby-trap doors, or lie in wait behind closed doors with an AK-47, basically on suicide missions, just waiting for the Marines to come through and open fire. There were civilians in the city as well, and the Marines were always keenly aware of that fact. How they didn't fire at shadows, not knowing what was waiting in each house, I don't know. But they didn't.
And I was with them in Haditha, a month before the alleged killings last November of some 24 Iraqi civilians. (my emphasis)

This is a reporter who seems to understand the mind of men on the ground in Iraq better than the old bastard John Murtha who has judged the Marines guilty without the benefit of a trial. Wow a moonbat who jumps to conclusions, who knew?

Iranian Nut Job Interview

The German weekly DER SPIEGEL did an interview with His Screwyness Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Iran Press News has the transcript.

Oh my G-d, this guy is Grade A crazy.

My Favorite part of the barking moon bat:

SPIEGEL: We can only speak for ourselves. DER SPIEGEL is nobody's hostage; SPIEGEL does not deal only with Germany's past and the Germans' crimes. We're not Israel's uncritical ally in the Palestian conflict. But we want to make one thing very clear: We are critical, we are independent, but we won't simply stand by without protest when the existential right of the state of Israel, where many Holocaust survivors live, is being questioned.
Ahmadinejad: Precisely that is our point. Why should you feel obliged to the Zionists? If there really had been a Holocaust, Israel ought to be located in Europe, not in Palestine.
SPIEGEL: Do you want to resettle a whole people 60 years after the end of the war?
Ahmadinejad: Five million Palestinians have not had a home for 60 years. It is amazing really: You have been paying reparations for the Holocaust for 60 years and will have to keep paying up for another 100 years. Why then is the fate of the Palestinians no issue here?

Read the whole thing. It sends chills down your spine.
And this is the moonbat that Eurabia wants us to "talk" to about nuclear energy and wepons?

I first found the whole english translation over at Iran Press, althought I just noticed that Charles at LGF, linked to it yesterday.


30 May 2006

Marxist's And Memorial Day

The Gin Soddened Trotskite gets it.
While this attorney from my office doesn't.
Memorial Day was founded in 1868 to honor the dead of our wars. The Civil War ended in 1865, 141 years ago.

In 1927 (79 years ago) my father took me to a Memorial Day parade. The featured unit was an open touring car with two old men in back, one in blue and one in gray, who had served in the Civil War which had ended 62 years earlier.

The memory of that parade comes back to me each Memorial Day (now 141 years after the Civil War).

How many have died in war since 1865?


Just enough, to allow him the freedom to denigrate those who did.

25 May 2006

Get This Straight

Just because I'm against amnesty, doesn't mean I'm against skilled immigrants entering this country and helping to build the economy.

24 May 2006

Iranian Students Show Real Guts

To all the supporters of the New School punks antics over the weekend, I give you this. This is protest against a truly horrible regime.

Support the youth of Iran.

Thanks to LGF for the HT, but keep this site on your list The Spirit Of Man

Duke Woman Say "Stand By Your Men"

The Duke University Women's Lacrosse team will go to this weekend's Final Four tournament with a message for the rest of the world.
They will be wearing sweatbands that say Innocent on them.
The bands are in reaction to the accusations that have not gone away, like they should have about the Men' s Lacrosse team. Great work girls, err. Ladies.

Well I just want to say this.

Go Duke Women's Lacrosse!

HT on the title of this piece to Rick P.

23 May 2006

It Just May Be The Paranoia Speaking

Has anyone else noticed the weirdness in the news story about the VA info entering the great ether of computer hacker world?

I mean come on, these people are NOT supposed to take stuff like this home and yet, the day this idiot takes this stuff home his house falls victim to a random neighborhood robbery.
Again, maybe I've just been living in the land of the conspiracy theories too long.

22 May 2006

Dumbass Header Of The Week.

Today's WaPo had a great DUH! moment in headline writing.

Elections Are Crux Of GOP's Strategy

Who would guess that a political party places winning elections at the top of their agenda. This will be news to the left wing of the Democrat Party.

20 May 2006

Laura In Town

The First Lady was in Providence last night giving aid and comfort to the enemy. At a fund raiser for the Missing Linc, she stood with the man who has made her husband's job that much harder.
Now I understand what the POV is of the ruling elites in the Republican party, but they are wrong. If supporting a clown like Chafee, is how they see keeping a Republican majority in the Senate, then again I say, let's loose. Think about it, we have a majority only when it suits the ego of an idiot like Linc, when he wants to be a "maverick" and get the adoration of the media, well then...
Running the nation is more than majorities and consensus. It is standing up for what is right and best for the nation. I thought that POTUS was on the path with the War On Terror, but there are many times that his domestic policy has driven me to drink. I know that isn't far to go, but hey it's a great line.

P.S. Last night there were a handful of the usual suspect out in front of the Biltmore Hotel walking in circles and channeling their inner Commie. They were loud and limited, one local news report said there were about a dozen of them, while the local NBC affiliate said there were dozens and then had clips of them shouting into the camera about blah, blah and more blah.

17 May 2006

I'm Jumping In To The DaVinci Debate

I was going to ignore it. I felt that the best thing to do was let it die a nice quiet death, but to paraphrase Michael Corleone; Every time they open their mouths they drag me back in.

This header in USA Today (just in case you're wondering, I got a free copy today, and well I figured it would help me get some things to write about) Got me all excited:
'Da Vinci Code' backs away from book

Well I was intrigued, until I read the story and found these lines:
In the movie, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) expresses doubt about that idea.
At one climactic point, Langdon says, "History shows Jesus was an extraordinary man. Why couldn't Jesus have been divine and still have been a father?"
That line was not in the book.

Wow that really puts to rest the Jesus was had kids with Mary Magdalene and didn't die on the cross sub-text of the story. Right? No? Yea not for me either.

So Why get involved? Because they keep opening up their mouths. They slammed the movie in another part of the web page. The review contains such important problems as:
While it retains most of the complex twists and turns of Dan Brown's best seller, some of the elements that have sparked protests among devout Christians
— questions about the divinity of Jesus Christ and his lineage — have had their edges smoothed. It doesn't help that the pacing is weighed down in exposition and talkiness.
Where the movie deviates from the book most strikingly is in the attitude of the lead character, Harvard symbology professor Robert Langdon (a surprisingly wooden Tom Hanks in a new, longer coif). The movie dials down his academic fervor, and ratchets up his spirituality. In the book, he did not discuss prayer. In the movie he does.
The movie also avoids the book's graphic depiction of a sex rite.

Okay, so the movie stinks because it DOESN'T slam Christianity ENOUGH. Give me an effing break. Compared to this tripe The Last Temptation of Christ was pro God.Actually compared to DaVinci it was. All the stuff that Christians complained about in the movie, were dream temptations from Satan, not "THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS" that this book, and movie lays out.

But I ask this, if you are offended by the point of this movie, just stay home. Don't protest it, just let it die the big budget death it deserves. Or go see United 93.

Yea That's Important!

So in today's USA Today there was a wonderful story about Tony Snow's first official presser. They didn't mention that he refused to let Helen the Troll interrupt ant change the topic, but they did mention this:

Although Snow has conducted two off-camera briefings since officially starting his new job May 8, this was his first televised performance. Looking like a corporate executive in a blue pin-stripe suit, white shirt, and red power tie - plus TV makeup

And they say they're not biased over there. HA! Yea because the point they are trying to make is ...Does anyone know what the point of the TV makeup line is?

15 May 2006

Some How The Fishwrap Missed This One.

The Missing Linc voted last Thursday to defeat H.R.4297 Title: To provide for reconciliation pursuant to section 201(b) of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2006. A.K.A. Tax Relief Act of 2005 - Title I: Extension Of Expiring Provisions.
Wow why would anyone want to keep taxes low when the economy is still moving forward, yes forward! This is the guy that people who want me to vote for him call fiscally conservative, HA.

He also voted against extending the exemption from the Alternative Minimum Tax for individuals through 2006. You see every time you vote to let a tax cut die, you are voting to raise taxes. And when you vote to raise taxes you vote to slow down the economy, and when you slow down the economy the government collects less taxes and... You get the picture.

Deficits are not evil no matter that Dick Wolf says it is his least favorite word, when being interviewed by the master of pretentiousness James Lipton. To bad his leftist bias doesn't let him see that his Phillips Andover Academy classmate GWB knows what he's talking about when it comes to the economy and taxes.

Back to Chafee, he is a Democrat and I wish he would admit it.

POTUS Is Wrong On This One

We need real border security, not a temporary fix from National Guard Men and Women standing next to resentful over-worked Border Patrol Men and Women.
We need real visa reform, allowing QUALIFIED immigrants into this country for as long as they have jobs. Not some bogus Temporary Guest Worker plan that is wrong on three counts. They are not Temporary. They are not Guests. And most of them don't Work.

Well we will see what he says tonight, but I'm not hopeful.

Posting This From A Friend.

Lost a biker friend last week.
Please forward this on to people on your email list as a reminder that riding season is upon us once again!
ThanksTo those of you who are my biker friends, you will truly appreciate this.What a terrific description of who bikers really are!

But, You Didn't See Me
I saw you,
Hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.
But, you didn't see me,
Put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.
I saw you,
Pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk.
But, you didn't see me,
Playing Santa at the local mall.
I saw you,
Change your mind about going into the restaurant.
But, you didn't see me,
Attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.
I saw you,
Roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by.
But, you didn't see me,
Driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car Window.
I saw you,
Frown at me when I smiled at your children.
But, you didn't see me,
When I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.
I saw you,
Stare at my long hair.
But, you didn't see me,
And my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love.
I saw you,
Roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves.
But, you didn't see me,
And my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those that had
I saw you,
Look in fright at my tattoos.
But, you didn't see me,
Cry as my children were born and have their names written over and in
My heart.
I saw you,
Change lanes while rushing off to go somewhere.
But, you didn't see me,
Going home to be with my family.
I saw you,
Complain about how loud and noisy our bikes can be.
But, you didn't see me,
When you were changing the CD and drifted into my lane.
I saw you,
Yelling at your kids in the car.
But, you didn't see me,
Pat my child's hands, knowing he was safe behind me.
I saw you,
Reading the newspaper or map as you drove down the road.
But, you didn't see me,
Squeeze my wife's leg when she told me to take the next turn.
I saw you,
Race down the road in the rain.
But, you didn't see me,
Get soaked to the skin so my son could have the car to go on His
I saw you,
Run the yellow light just to save a few minutes of time.
But, you didn't see me,
Trying to turn right.
I saw you,
Cut me off because you needed to be in the lane I was in.
But, you didn't see me,
Leave the road.
I saw you,
Waiting impatiently for my friends to pass.
But, you didn't see me.
I wasn't there.
I saw you,
Go home to your family.
But, you didn't see me.
Because, I died that day you cut me off.
I was just a biker,.....
A person with friends and a family.

Please, take the extra second to look for motorcycles. We have a hardenough time trying to stay alive avoiding drunk drivers and old people who can't see a Mack truck, let alone a bike; people talking on phones and amusing themselves with other distractions. Take the extra second. It won't kill you, but it could save MY life or one of my biker friends

10 May 2006

Good News From Iran

In recent months deadly attacks on the regimes officials by civilians has skyrocketed.

This piece of wonderful news from an Iran Press News story about the death of one
Hassan Mohammadpour, deputy commander of the disciplinary forces from the town of Gorgan...

Great news for all who dream of freedom in the mullahocracy that is Iran.

Try Not To Piss Off Oriana Fallaci.

I'm just starting the Fourth Chapter of The Force of Reason, and all I can say is, I Love Oriana Fallaci.
This woman has more balls than most any man in Europe today. She may be tougher than most American men, she is tougher than most American Liberals. The reason is not a lack of fear, it is something more important. She is afraid of the growth of Islam, the bowing down to Islam, by the left, and the tolerance of Islam by people who should know better. It is just that she's not afraid to say what needs to be said about Islam and those who help it.
From the end of the first Chapter:

What sense would there be in destroying the treasures of a society that in the substance already belongs to them? A society where the Koran in the new Das Kapital. Mohammed, the new Karl Marx. Bin Laden, the new Lenin. And September 11 the new Taking of the Bastille, of the Winter Palace.

Powerful stuff, made all that more troubling by the fact that as I'm readng this book on the bus last night, I was doing so in the line of vision of a woman in a chador. Now I wasn't sure she saw what I was reading, but she was staring a hole thru me and my little blue book.

I'm not done reading it, but I can say that from what I've read, BUY IT.

09 May 2006

To Quote King Arthur From Spamalot...

This news piece from PR-Inside.Com;

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has signed up to present her own US breakfast radio show in a bid to lure women away from morning television shows.

The Oscar-winner will wow listeners after agreeing a deal with broadcasting giant Clear Channel Communications to host WAKE UP WITH WHOOPI.

Woopie Goldberg on the morning radio, Rosie O'Donnell on the View, and Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News. Are these the last tree signs of the apocalypse, or am I just over reacting???

And They Wonder Why Circulation Is Down?

Yesterday The Boston Globe had a piece called Online plagiarism strikes blog world, now this is the Boston Globe, one of the homes of some of the great plagiarist of all time.
This moment would have lead my old man to say, "hello pot, this is the kettle!"

And then today's BeloJo had this hard hitting dog bites man story about how local Democrats are supporting Patches Kennedy. And it was on the front f'ing page. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Well at least we can laugh at them, and believe me we do.

05 May 2006

Does The Mayo Clinic Offer Family Discounts?

Patches Kennedy who simply doesn't
"remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions. That's not how I want to live my life. And that's not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island."

Well I guess the olive doesn't fall far from the tree.

For a great take on all this read The Great Ott's piece today at ScrappleFace.

04 May 2006

If This Is Fiscal Responsibility...

Linc Chafee has been called fiscally responsible by this group, that's like being called the soberest frat boy by the New Orleans P.D.

Now on his own web site he has this quote.

"Some call it 'pork' but whatever you want to label it, Senator Lincoln Chafee has brought the bacon home for Rhode Island and, in particular, for two of his pet projects - a Warwick railroad station and the Apponaug Bypass."
Warwick Beacon Editorial

Now let us also look at the other "moderates" that support the missing linc.

Jennifer Blei Stockman, National Co-Chair, Republican Majority for Choice
Tony Massaro, Senior Vice President for Political Affairs, League of Conservation Voters
Jennifer Tuttle, Spokesperson, The Rhode Island Sierra Club
National Abortion Rights Action League

Yea that's what I want from a Republican Senator.
If this is the only way we can keep the Dems out of that seat, then guess what, I say them them have it. At least I'll know how Sheldon Whitehouse will vote day in and day out, I won't have to guess each day.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

In an asinine ruling, a RI Superior Court judge has rule that only one restaurant in a local mall may serve White Rice.
The Chinese restaurant has exclusive rights to white rice, based on it's contract with the mall. Now I love a good contract case, but...
So the Japanese restaurant can't sell white rice because they opened after the Chinese place did.
So what. Next this Marxist bastard will tell the other restaurants what they can and can not sell.
Now you may ask where I get off calling a RI judge a Marxist bastard, but you see I know this Marxist bastard from before he became a judge. He used to have a framed poster on his wall that had a picture of Che with some drivel about how being a revolutionary was a symbol of the greatest love one can have for one's fellow man. Damn even as a Marxist I thought it was drivel.

03 May 2006

The Man Who Taught Me Economics...

Every Friday night on PBS, has passed on. Louis Rukeyser, who was one of the funniest business reporters ever, made"Wall $treet Week With Louis Rukeyser" informative and entertaining.

The jokes keep the truly dry stuff from being that dry, and made me care about how the engines of capitalism worked.

Even though I have not seen him on the vid screen in years, I will always remember how much I enjoyed what he did.

Lou Dobbs wishes he was Louis Rukeyser.

Gas And Taxes

From the American Petroleum Institute as of last year.
From the Good thru the Bad and into the Ugly read it and weep.

Alaska 26.4
Wyoming 32.4
New Jersey 32.9
South Carolina 35.2
Oklahoma 35.4
Missouri 36.0
New Mexico 36.4
Kentucky 36.9
Mississippi 37.2
Arizona 37.4
Virginia 37.7
Vermont 38.4
Texas 38.4
Louisiana 38.4
Dist. of Col. 38.4
Alabama 38.7
New Hampshire 39.0
Tennessee 39.8
Iowa 40.1
Arkansas 40.1
Minnesota 40.4
Colorado 40.4
Georgia 41.2
North Dakota 41.4
Delaware 41.4
Massachusetts 41.9
Maryland 41.9
South Dakota 42.4
Oregon 42.4
Utah 42.9
Kansas 43.4
Idaho 43.4
Nebraska 44.6
West Virginia 45.4
North Carolina 45.8
Maine 45.8

Montana 46.2
Ohio 46.4
Indiana 48.0
Rhode Island 49.4
Washington 49.4
Pennsylvania 49.5
Florida 49.8
Wisconsin 51.3
Nevada 51.9
Michigan 52.4
Connecticut 53.9
Illinois 54.6
California 60.0
Hawaii 60.1
New York 62.9
Motor Gasoline Taxes as of August 2005

This is more of the story then "winfall profits", but you will never hear it from the usual suspects.

01 May 2006

A REAL May Day Story

Here is a story that should be covered by the likes of the Left Liberal Media and the "freedom Loving Muslims" in the world.

Based on received reports from Tehran, on International Workers Day, Monday, May 1st, 2006, at 11:30 A.M. the bus drivers of the greater Tehran bus company and their families will gather in front of the bus company’s headquarters to protest their conditions.
Member of their union, who as a result of going on strike, were fired, will take part in this protest in order to condemn the denial of their rights and to demand the immediate and unconditional release of their imprisoned leader Mansour Osanlou.

But the sounds of crickets will overcome these people who just want to have jobs and justice in a place where freedom is a dream.

The bus drivers union and other workers and student groups have requested that the Iranian people join these groups of protestors at the designated protest site.
The bus drivers had also planned a ceremony in commemoration of this day in one of Tehran’s largest auditoriums but the ministry of intelligence and security of the Islamic regime thwarted it.

See photos of the Iranian protests by workers and student supporters over at NRO. Hat-tip Cliff May

Dyslexics Of The World, UNTIE

Happy May day all you legal immigrants.
Here in Providence, while I was at work, from the fishwrap;
PROVIDENCE - What began as a quiet gathering at Kennedy Plaza grew to an organized group of perhaps 300 supporters late this morning who added their voices to a nationwide call for immigration rights and reform.
Here in Rhode Island, it' difficult to gauge how many people will participate in the day's events. Providence police Maj. Paul Fitzgerald has predicted they could draw 10,000 people.
Before 9 a.m., one organizer of the day's events in Providence, Daniel Bass of the Service Employees International Union, said leaders had planned for about 1,000 people but didn't know quite what to expect.
Perhaps 1,000 white picket signs in English and Spanish were lined up in orderly rows around two sides of the monument, waiting for rally attendees to grab them.
Around 9:50 a.m., the mostly quiet group began moving. "Our civil rights are under attack. What do we do?" shouted a leader who wove through the crowd with perhaps a dozen people following her and calling back to her, "Stand up and fight back!"
As about 20 people marched around the Civil War monument, as about another 180 watched, carrying signs or standing in small circles and talking amongst themselves.
Shortly after 10:30 a.m., the group marched their message to The Providence Westin hotel and Providence Place mall and back. Calling out, "What do we want?" and responding with "Justice!", young and old streamed through the streets of downtown, carrying signs high above their heads.
The police stopped traffic and followed behind the marchers with a police truck, an officer on horseback and one on foot. About 75 people marched over to the front of the Westin while an estimated 200 or more marched up Francis Street to the adjacent mall.

Wow the cops expected 1000 people and there were a whole 300 (some estimates were closer to 200)
Also it is nice to see that the ANSWER folks have their message down pat.

I'm starting my own group, QUESTION (Quite Unreasonable Energetic Shitheads Totally Indignant Over Nonsense)

27 April 2006

More Iran Junk

The Crack-head in charge over there went on a rant about the right to develop nuclear "energy" in an oil rich nation.

"If you think by frowning at us, by issuing resolutions ... you can impose anything on the Iranian nation or force it to abandon its obvious right, you still don't know its power," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a rally in northwest Iran.

This guy has the UN pegged, because frowning at Iran is about as much as we can expect from the professional talkers in that ugly-ass building on Manhattan's East Side.

Todd Beamer's Dad Says It's "Too Soon..

for us to become complacent."

This great piece about the movie United 93 from today's WSJ may be the most eloquent thing anyone has written since that day.

More great lines:

This film further reminds us of the nature of the enemy we face. An enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve world domination and force a life devoid of freedom upon all. Their methods are inhumane and their targets are the innocent and unsuspecting. We call this conflict the "War on Terror." This film is a wake-up call. And although we abhor terrorism as a tactic, we are at war with a real enemy and it is personal.

There are those who would hope to escape the pain of war. Can't we just live and let live and pretend every thing is OK? Let's discuss, negotiate, reason together. The film accurately shows an enemy who will stop at nothing in a quest for control. This enemy does not seek our resources, our land or our materials, but rather to alter our very way of life.

I'll be there this weekend and I'm encouraging everyone I know to do the same.

We Must Never Forget.

24 April 2006

Book Review: The Party Of Death

First off let me echo my heros over at NRO. Ramesh for SCOTUS.

Ramesh Ponnuru has written what will go down as the definitive overview of the abortion debate and its aftermath, with the publication of The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life .
He clearly and distinctly presents the effects of Roe v. Wade, and Doe v. Bolton, in the context of what they wrought. Not just the Media myth of only first trimester abortions being legal, but the whole Pandora's box of results.
Results like: partial-birth abortions, the idea that parents should be selective when it comes to the birth of "disabled" children, and even the disturbing ideas of Professor Peter Singer of Princeton and his theories of Infanitcide.
The idea that Roe protects only first-trimeater abortions is shown to be a myth driven by the media and self-titled intenigencia. This great qoute comes from the last chapter of the book.

Many people seemed to think that these nominees might overturn Roe by themselves. In fact, even if they wanted to overturn Roe, they would not have the votes unless a third new anti-Roe justice joined them. In addition the mythology of Roe was alive and well. Reporters and pollsters continued to suggest that Roe protected only first-trimester abortions, and that overturning it would prohibit them. Republicans cowed by the popularity of the mythical Roe, failed to challenge these notions...The end of Roe would not hand pro-lifers victory in all the political debates over abortion policy. It would give them the right to have those debates in the first place. (pages 240-244)

This is a book that needs to be read by both sides, to give strength to the pro-life side and to show the pro-choice side where their ideas are leading both their party and the country.

I would like to thank the people at Regnery Publishing for the advanced copy that I received. And I would also like to thank Mr. Ponnuru for writing such a fine and enlightening read.

19 April 2006

More Great Stuff About Iran

Truth is on the march, and the folks at Iran Press News have a great piece on Iran and its need for nuclear energy.
Read it all but remember this ending.

No! We do not want nuclear energy
We want liberty, open borders, friendship and hope. If you want the truth, yellow cake does not suit us at all because it does not bring honor and pride to our Iran. That is all.
No! We do not want nuclear energy

Truth is a wonderful thing.

Mark Steyn Is VDH With An English Accent.

Damn, why can't most of the world get this truth that Mr. Steyn lays out in today's Opinion Journal link to City Journal (whole lot a journals goin' on)
stuff like:

If Belgium becomes a nuclear power, the Dutch have no reason to believe it would be a factor in, say, negotiations over a joint highway project. But Iran's nukes will be a factor in everything. If you think, for example, the European Union and others have been fairly craven over those Danish cartoons, imagine what they'd be like if a nuclear Tehran had demanded a formal apology, a suitable punishment for the newspaper, and blasphemy laws specifically outlawing representations of the Prophet. Iran with nukes will be a suicide bomber with a radioactive waist.
But wait there's more.
You know I trust you all know how to read and click links.
Read it for yourselves, there will be a quiz afterwards, and it may be really tough.

April Really Is The Cruelest Month.

Sad news over at Iraq The Model, Mohammad and Omar's doctor brother-in-law was murdered by terrorists.
Read the whole thing, but be sure to remember this:

The terrorists and criminals are targeting all elements of life and they target anyone who wants to do something good for this country...They think by assassinating one of us they could deter us from going forward but will never succeed, they can delay us for years but we will never go back and abandon our dream. We have vowed to follow the steps of our true martyrs and we will raise the new generation to continue the march, these children of today are the hope and the future.

What a difference between those who work to preserve life and those who work to end it... it's terrorism and crime and there are no other words to describe these acts. They will keep trying to steal life from us and we will keep fighting back and we will keep exposing them but not with bullets and swords, we never carried arms and we will never do because we are not afraid and because we are not weak unlike those cowards who know no language but that of treason.

April will always be there to remind us of the sacrifice and remind us of the dream we fight for. My God keep safe the Iraqis and their friends who stand with them in their noble cause, peace and prosperity may seem far away but we will get there and I hope our sacrifices be a bridge to a better world.

Prayers for all who have suffered so.

18 April 2006

I've Got A New Assignment For Jack Bauer

And this one won't take 24 hours, unless you count the flight time.

On the day that the CIA poison cigar finally kills Uncle Fidel, Jack need to grab a fight to Jose Marti Airport and wait for further instructions.
Upon arriving at said airport (avoid the '58 Chevy's running all around the tourist only entry gate) go down the street until you find that one 70 year old mole that the Mob/CIA left in Havana and ask him to point you in the general direction of a Cuban Army weapons storage facility.
Grab as many Soviet era rocket launchers (the Bruce Cockburn model is just fine) as you can carry and park yourself at the Eastern end of the main runway.
Wait until you see Venezuela One make it's final approach, and help Hugo Chavez make his final approach to the ground.
Now this would help in many ways. First it would keep the Asian oil interests that keep getting in your way out of our hair because Venezuelan oil is closer and with the Marxist pineapple face out of the way CITCO stations would actually be places Americans would enjoy stopping at.
Next it is in another city that is mostly Spanish and yet the sun might actually shine on your white boy face.
Third if Audrey isn't already dead or in prison, this will assure the rest of us that she will not be around this time.

Your country will thank you with another new identity and a chance to grab some more trailer tail down the road.

P.S. Stop asking Cloe for help with your PDA. You're a big boy, read the damn instructions.

The Memory Hole Is Officially Closed

In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four there was a way to make the inconvenient facts of the past disappear, it was the memory hole. A tube that lead to the furnace in the basement of the Ministry of Truth.

Something tells me that retired General Anthony Zinni wishes that this fact had found it's way into the memory hole. He and his friends in the LSM can not be happy that Brent Hume said this today.
Former Clinton CENTCOM commander, Anthony Zinni - the most prominent of the retired generals attacking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld - now says that, in the run-up to the war in Iraq, "What bothered me ... [was that] I was hearing a depiction of the intelligence that didn't fit what I knew. There was no solid proof, that I ever saw, that Saddam had WMD."
But in early 2000, Zinni told Congress "Iraq remains the most significant near-term threat to U.S. interests in the Arabian Gulf region," adding, "Iraq probably is continuing clandestine nuclear research, [and] retains stocks of chemical and biological munitions ... Even if Baghdad reversed its course and surrendered all WMD capabilities, it retains scientific, technical, and industrial infrastructure to replace agents and munitions within weeks or months."
So when Bill Clinton was in office and doing NOTHING, Saddam was unstoppable. But put a man who sees the evil in the world and calls it what it is, then Saddam was NEVER a threat to his neighbors or our friends.
Okay, I just wanted to make sure I understood it.
Also check out this in yesterday's WSJ.
The Generals War
What's behind the attacks against Rumsfeld.
The next to last paragraph has the best lines:
The anti-Rumsfeld generals have a right to their opinion. But there's a reason the Founders provided for civilian control of the military, and a danger in military men using their presumed authority to push elected Administrations around. As for Democrats and their media allies, we can only admire their sudden new deference to the senior U.S. officer corps, which follows their strange new respect for the "intelligence community" they also once despised. U.S. military recruiters might not be welcome on Ivy League campuses, but they're heroes when they trash the Bush Administration.

12 April 2006

Happy Birthday To Us

Since I couldn't get Frank And Kathy to wish us a happy first birthday today, I figured that I would do it my self. After all isn't DIY the whole point of blogging in the first place?

A Small list of suggested presents for us here at IU.

Peace in the Middle East. The kind that comes when people are free to make their own decisions as to how to live there lives without some mullah telling them that they are in violation of some 6th Century camel jockey's world view.

Cuba Libre. And no I don't just mean a rum and coke. Part of that would also be Venezuela Libre. Two for the price of one.

White House Spine. I would love to see the WH stop letting the LSM move "the agenda forward" (lib speak for spinning the news leftward), and to stand up and remind the public what it is that we stand for in this country. Why this is the greatest nation on the planet. And what the War On Terror is really all about.

Nanny State Go Bye Bye. Stop telling us that what we eat, smoke or drink will kill us. We know this. Other than laws that keep kids from drinking alcohol or smoking, laws about those things that are legal should not keep people from enjoying those things that are legal.

I'm sure I'll think of more for our second birthday.

11 April 2006

Mike "Al Sharpton" Nifong Is On A Mission

This news from Durham County North Carolina says all you need to know about this politician and his ambition.

"A lot has been said in the press, particularly by some attorneys yesterday, that this case should go away," District Attorney Mike Nifong said at a community forum. "My presence here means that this case is not going away."

This is after DNA evidence CLEARED the 46 players tested by the state. There is no physical evidence, but this opportunistic punk sees fame in them thar white boys.
He has the gonads to tell the Duke Lacrosse team that it doesn't matter what the facts are, he's going to prosecute.
I wonder what would happen in Chapple Hill if Mr. Nifong was the DA prosecuting the Muslim Rage SUV case?
I choose the title for a reason. Remember Al Sharpton is still famous even though the case that made him such was a lie.

10 April 2006

Book Review: Prayers for the Assassin

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed reading Robert Ferrigno's newest book. This is the first book of his that I've read, and I may go back and read some of his other works.

That said, I would like to voice my biggest criticism before getting to the god parts. The Arabic word Dhimmi never appears in the work, although there are Dhimmi characters. Also the tax that dhimmi's pay to stay free in an Islamic nation isn't mentioned until page 392 (of 397), when...Na I'll let you read it to find out why. Now some people will not see this as very much, but in the present War On Terror, I find this comforting to the enemy.

Other than that it is a great read, you are swept along with an interesting group of Islamists, Moderate Muslims, Catholics and plain old killers. The back story of how the US came to be two separate, but unequal, nations; one Muslim one Christian, is filled with things that will make you go HHMMM!
I keep hearing comparisons to the novel Fatherland, from a few years ago, but I don't see anything more in common than the pairing of a man and a woman in search of the truth. This is a novel that has real questions that we do not have the answers to, unlike the question of what happen to the Jews of Europe. There the answers existed in this real world, not in the alternate universe of Fatherland. Here in Prayers we have not yet faced the cold facts of May 19, 2015, a day that if it were to happen would throw the nation into a tailspin. And although I know that other review have given away more of the story, my attitude is you just have to read it for yourself.

08 April 2006

Not Soon Enough

Liberals across the land are yelling about United 93
When the trailer played before "Inside Man" last week at the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, audience members began calling out, "Too soon!" In New York City, where 9/11 remains an open wound, the response was even more dramatic. The AMC Loews theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side took the rare step of pulling the trailer from its screens after several complaints. "One lady was crying," says one of the theater's managers, Kevin Adjodha. "She was saying we shouldn't have [played the trailer]. That this was wrong ... I don't think people are ready for this."

Wow who would ever guess that people in those place would be against seeing a film that tells the truth about 9/11.
One of the great lines from the Newsweek story about this is:

We're about to find out. "United 93" is the first feature film to deal explicitly with the events of September 11, 2001, and is certain to ignite an emotional debate before and after it opens on April 28. Is it too soon? Should the film have been made at all? More to the point, will anyone want to see it?
Wait, what about the greatest documentary ever made? Wasn't Fatboy's POS the first, and only movie that would show the truth about 9/11?
Or am I confusing it with what I'm sure will be a fair and balance POG from Oliver "stop attacking ME. I'm smarter then you" Stone?

In response to the audiences in Hollywierd, NO it isn't too soon. We should have had movies reminding us what happened that day already in the movie theaters. just like we should have seen video of the WTC buildings being hit every day on the national news.


07 April 2006

More Links

Here are a couple more stories from the good people over at Iran Press News.

This piece from Monday shows the great human rights beacon that Islam is to the world.
I wonder if Not-So-Little Mickey Moore will include this story in his movie about how Iran is a free nation, because you know that the fat POS is thinking about making such a movie.

Next is another piece about the Greater Tehran bus drivers union and what is happening to it as the government cracks down on workers who just want some freedom.

Remember the best Iraqi exit strategy is to take a right through Iran.

05 April 2006

Fascism On The March

Omar over at Iraq The Model, has a scary post about the lack of newspapers in Iraq right now.

Me: who threatened them?
Papers guy: the death notes were signed by the mujahideen; they said that they will kill anyone who continues to print, distribute or sell newspapers.
He then showed me one of those notes; the ban includes virtually every paper but basically "papers that promote Safawi [Persian] Shiasm, blasphemous secular ideas and democracy…".I had a hard time trying to swallow what I read, why newspapers? What's going to be next? Will they try to stitch up our mouths and chop our tongues off?!
Those pen-hating cowards are afraid of the words written in our newspapers and they tried to paint their new anti-free speech campaign with a sectarian dye to make it look as if they were only after Shia and secular papers but in fact they are against everything that does not approve and praise their sick mentality.
Yes, I may not agree with what many of those newspapers do, and a few of them even sound offensive or disgusting to me for one reason or another but I cannot accept seeing them silenced in such a way and I am for their right to speak freely exactly the same way I want this right for myself.
Strange though that no one uttered a word about it as far as I know, even the papers themselves mentioned nothing about this threat on their websites and neither did any of the other local media outlets…maybe there has been a threat against that as well?
I don't know right now but I'll try to find out.This is one more time that makes me feel happy we have the internet and the means to use it.

Now I know that most of my friends and readers will know how I feel about fishwraps in general, but when they are the primary form of information distribution, it is scary to think that they are being stopped.

Meanwhile over the border in Iran:
The inhumane Islamic regime not only has not come to the aid and assistance of the victims of the Friday, March 31st earthquake in the province of Lorestan, it has also viciously attacked and beaten a number of those who complained and protested the lack of relief.

The regime-run news agency IRNA reported: "A group of the earthquake victims gathered, on Saturday afternoon, in front of one of the regime's relief centers protesting the lack of relief and demanding assistance such as food, tents and medical care for their families."

Mehdi Hashemi, a deputy of the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic regime who traveled to Boroujerd, one of the cities hardest hit in the earthquake, admitted that the protestors had in fact been arrested. He called the hungry and afflicted victims of the earthquake “agitators and hoodlums” and said: "those who were selfish and wanted to disrupt the order were arrested. We will make full use of all security and disciplinary forces including the revolutionary guards, the Basij and the army in order quash any unrest."

Well it must be nice to still think that Islam is the religion of Peace.


I don't know what to make of this, but all I can say is ouch.

The regime-run FARS news agency quoting the Swiss newspaper, Der Bund reported that the Islamic regime has withdrawn 700 tons of it's gold reserves worth 6 billion Swiss Francs as well as 25 billion Swiss Francs in foreign exchange (equal to $30 billion) from financial institutions in the west.

What in Allah's name are they going to do with all that gold.

Have they decided to try and flood the world market with gold to screw with the capitalist west? Or does someone think that they are going to need gold to buy uranium after Israel, India and the US blow the snot out of their piss-ant little fascist dictatorship.

More Proof That Liberals Are Stupid.

Rick Moran over at Blogs4Bauer had this post on Sunday and it got me thinking.

Ways that Jack Bauer is not a Democrat:

Dems think that Abu Ghraib is the center of evil in the world.
Jack racks up kills because he can.

Dems want no preemptive actions.
Jack eats preemption for breakfast, lunch and diner.

This is a typical Dem daugher, here is Jack's daugher.

Okay there is something that Jack has in common with the Dems;
He also has a thing for annoying large nosed women.

04 April 2006

Say It Isn't So, Oliver.

Supersmartie Oliver Stone says that journalists are attacking "intelligent stars...(who) question their leaders."
Yea right. Intelligent stars like Ed Asner, Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Margaret Cho, Cher, etc., etc., etc.
Want proof, check out this site. Great puns and a who's who of self declared intellectuals.

03 April 2006

Opening Day

Baseball has been berry, berry good to me.

Prediction time

American League
East NY
Central Cleveland
West Oakland
Wild Card Boston

National League
East Atlanta
Central St Louis
West LA
Wild Card Washington

31 March 2006

So How Do We Blame Bush For This?

Ice Age 2 The Meltdown is out in theaters
Diego, Manny and Sid return in this sequel to the hit Ice Age. This time around the Ice Age is over and is starting to melt, which will destroy their valley. So they must unite and warn everyone about the situation

Global warming took place before SUV's were everywhere? How can that be?

For a great spin on "eviornmentalism" the new religion of the left read this piece from Philip over at EnviroSpin Watch.

This may be my favorite part:
Since the abject failure of Marxism, the collapse of the socialist model following the end of the Cold War, and the steep decline in the relevance of most Christian denominations, 'environmentalism' in the West has increasingly become a refuge for those who yearn to intervene in society for other people's good.

The theme song of the envirowacks.
I'm smarter then you are, I'm smarter then you are, nanananana!

It's Been A Year

Since Terri Schindler Schiavo died 14 days after removal of her feeding tube, on orders from a Florida judge who had no concept of fairness , or conscious.

Public Money Vs. Private Money

Here in the City/State we are dealing with an interesting minor debate involving some open land in Providence near the State House.
There is a group calling itself Providence Polo and they are trying to spend their own monies to improve a tiny little sliver of a park.
Meanwhile Deborah Melino-Wender, the commission's executive director, says that Station Park was planned as an open, green space between downtown and the State House. What she doesn't say is that the work to improve this park would be done with Federal taxpayer funded grants.
So what side am I on?
Polo comes across, to those who have never watched it as elitist and snobby, but it is a great powerful sport played, as most non-American sports (baseball excluded) by many natives of developing nations. It has a fun vibe and will only use the park for 4 hours a week in the summer.
So someone wants to come in spend their own money to clean up a park that they are only going to use for a few hours a week, and the State of RI and the usual suspects don't like it.

Go Polo.

29 March 2006

An Open Letter To The WSJ

This is in response to today's editorial entitled 'The Last Helicopter' by Amir Taheri.
The only problem I have with Mr. Taheri's piece is the title. It should have been why the election of '08 will matter.
This was one of the most important editorials about the need for strong leaders in the White House and in Congress. If we go back to the "cut and run" mindset that Mr. Taheri tells us the leaders of Iran are waiting for then we deserve what ever those people decide to throw at us.
I only ask that you rerun it every year between now and the 2008 Presidential Elections, to remind people what is really at stake each time they vote.

Thank you,
James F. O'Connell
Here is the piece if you need to read it.
By the way, YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!

28 March 2006

al-Reuters' Idea Of Progress

From this "news" story about Iran and nuclear weapons.
It starts with this paragraph:
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Western powers on the Security Council were optimistic on Tuesday that an agreement could be reached on Iran's nuclear ambitions before their foreign ministers discuss the issue this week.

And then comes the real fun part:
One remaining obstacle, diplomats said, was a provision in the draft statement saying weapons of mass destruction were a threat to international peace and security.
(Oh dear not that)
Russia believes this could be a prelude to punitive measures and may want to leave that for the Thursday meeting among the ministers of the permanent five and Germany, a negotiator with Iran.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, returning from a trip to Africa, told reporters, "The issue is really who should deal with the file -- whether it is at the technical level at the IAEA or should it come to the council..."

"I think the council itself is very much engaged in this and is fully seized of the matter," Annan said. "But there are lot of technical aspects of the issue, which the atomic agency should continue to deal with."

Well ain't that a kick in the pants.

So progress is taking place the only thing holding it up is the crazy idea that nuclear weapons fall under the title of WMD's.

Man I love al-Reuters.

27 March 2006

Like My "To Read" Pile Isn't Big Enough

I find on Opinion Journal, this list of five books from Victor Davis Hanson.

The definitive books on the battles of the 20th century, as seen by one of the best military historians/theorist working today.
I have only read one of them Antony Beevor's Stalingrad, one of the most gripping non fiction books I've read about that hellish battlefront.

Well it looks like I'm heading back to the bookstore.

Oh by the way I just picked up Prayers for the Assassin by Robert Ferrigno, it is a novel set in The Islamic Republic Of America in the year 2040. Not something I want to see any time soon.

Dem's Mantra: It Is Bad To Hurt People's Feelings

So if someone is here in this country without the proper paperwork, showing that he or she came across one of our borders legally, well we can't call them criminals.

I Don' Think So!!

We have laws and those laws have not been enforced well for dozens of years. There are people here who never even tried to become legal when they came across the border. And yet they want all the benefits of native born citizens, without the pain of taxes, jury duty, taxes and a whole slew of other things including taxes.

Why? Because they are in the words of the left "good, honest, hard working family people." See link and other such stories to see the other side of illegal immigrants. But they do the jobs American's won't do. Really, check out this report from The Center for Immigration Studies, and the very disturbing trends that they shine a light on.

Advocates of legalizing illegal aliens and increasing legal immigration argue that there are no Americans to fill low-wage jobs that require relatively little education. owever, data collected by the Census Bureau show that, even prior to Hurricane Katrina, there were almost four million unemployed adult natives (age 18 to 64) with just a high school degree or less, and another 19 million not in the labor force. Perhaps most troubling, the share of these less-educated adult natives in the labor force has declined steadily since 2000.
This is not the who else will do these jobs BS that we are so used to hearing from Left/Liberals and their enablers in the LSM. But the facts are there and we have to fix the problem before it gets even worse.

24 March 2006

Putting The Dem's Complaints In Perspective

And it is of course done once again by the master, VDH .

While he rips into "mistakes made", he also sets the Democrank's Strawman Arguments aflame.

Throughout this postmodern war, the military has been on the horns of a dilemma: DonÂ’t shoot and you are indicted for being lax and allowing lawlessness to spread; shoot and you are gratuitously slandered as a sort of rogue LAPD in camouflage. We hear only of the deliberately inexact rubric "Iraqi civilian losses" -- without any explanation that almost all the Iraqi dead are either (1) victims of the terrorists, (2) Iraqi security forces trying to defend the innocent against the terrorists, or (3) the terrorists themselves.
Legitimate questions arise as to whether America' army is too small, or whether requisite political support for military operations is too predicated on the 24-hour news cycle. But all those are issues transcending the war in Iraq. In retrospect, up-armoring humvees would have been wise from the very outset -- so would having something remotely comparable to a Panzerfaust in 1943, more live than dud torpedoes in 1942, or deploying a jet at the beginning of the Korean War that could compete with a Russian Mig 15.
So again, the proper question is not whether there were tragic errors of judgment in Iraq -- but to what degree were they qualitatively different from past errors that are the stuff of war, to what degree were they addressed and corrected, and to what degree did their commission impair the final verdict of the mission?

Nothing in this war is much different from those of the past. We have fought suicide bombers in the Pacific. Intelligence failures doomed tens of thousands -- not 2,300 -- at the Bulge and Okinawa. We pacified the Philippines through counterinsurgency fighting. Failure to calibrate the extent of Al Zarqawi's insurrection pales before the Chinese crossing of the Yalu.

Syria is out of Lebanon -- but only as long as democracy is in Iraq. Libya and Pakistan have come clean about nuclear trafficking -- but only as long as the U.S. is serious about reform in the Middle East.

Read the whole thing, and continue to be amazed at the brilliance that is VDH.

22 March 2006

So Let Me Get This Straight

A new study claims a child's personality reveals whether he or she will grow up to be a liberal or a conservative.
The conclusions of UC Berkeley professor Jack Block found that whiny, insecure children are most likely to become conservatives, while confident, resilient, self-reliant children are generally liberals.

Now lets look at some facts shall we?

Some Adult Liberals

Cindy Sheehan
Al Franken
Barbra Streisand
George Clooney
Markos Moulitsas Zúniga
James Carville

Some Adult Conservatives

George W. Bush
Rush Limbaugh
Ben Stein
Victor Davis Hanson
Laura Ingraham
Michelle Malkin
Need I say any more?

Time To Think About The Welfare State

Today in the WSJ , American Enterprise Institute writer Charles Murray has a short publication on "A Plan to Replace the Welfare State".
I love the idea of limited government and lowered spending for the entitlement programs that the government runs, this piece has some great ideas that will never be accepted!
They call it THE PLAN. Not the most ambitious name for a total reworking of the current Social Security and Health Care Lobby system that we have now, or that some want us to have down the road, but the name is not the important part.
It all starts with this point:

Instead of sending taxes to Washington, straining them through bureaucracies and converting what remains into a muddle of services, subsidies, in-kind support and cash hedged with restrictions and exceptions, just collect the taxes, divide them up, and send the money back in cash grants to all American adults. Make the grant large enough so that the poor won't be poor, everyone will have enough for a comfortable retirement, and everyone will be able to afford health care. We're rich enough to do it.

Mr Murray then goes thru a series of steps of what to do with those grants to ensure a comfortable retirement, good heath care benefits and then any other things that a person could use the grants for.
The focus of the piece besides getting a debate going on entitlements, is I think to get a debate going on personal accountability.
See these great lines:

The Plan confers personal accountability whether the recipient wants it or not
The Plan confers responsibility for dealing with human needs on all of us, whether we want it or not.
Please read and discuss amongst yourselves.

But I Thought I Hated Ivy League Pretentiousness?

If you look to the right side of the page you will see a link to something called, why? Because you see Heidi works there and the University honchos don't want to spend the money need to improve the the facility, so they want to lease out the building and the name to Barnes & Noble.
Now most people who know me will say, but I thought you liked corporation capitalism?
I do, but this is not the place for it.
College bookstores are not just there to turn profits, especially when said bookstore is the only large scale independent bookstore in the area.
Now I love Borders, I shop there all the time, and I haven't bought as many books from Brown recently as I used to, but that has more to do with the things that need to be fixed, not the store itself.
Too many old books are on the shelves leaving them no room for newer books.
The space is cramped because the building need renovations.
These are things that the University should fix, not sell off to a corporation that doesn't give a rat's hairy.
So if you like independent bookstores log on and sing up.
If you don't go away.

Socialism Remains A Failure

In France the students are revolting, and they are protesting too.

Prime Minister Dominique (who is a man) de Villepin rammed a law thru the National Assembly that was supposed to help French youth get full time employment. This law would allow employers to fire, without giving a reason, any employee under the age of 26. So this safety valve for the employer would encourage them to hire resent college graduates.
This view from the AP:
(B)ut critics say it gives younger workers less job security and undermines France's generous labor protections.
Bolstered by support from trade unions, students led a new protest Tuesday, marching across the Left Bank and shouting "It's the street that rules!"

You see when faced with
Job competition from emerging markets _ the government's key argument for the new law _ is far from most students' minds. Their leaders say French workers cannot accept longer hours and lower pay on par with Asian economies.

Oh My G-d! We can't change the dead system, let's just play around with small parts of it. Oh wait, we can't even do that because
"It's the street that rules!"

France is circling the euroloo.

And these are the people that Jean Phraude Kerrie want us to listen to when it came to foreign affairs.

21 March 2006

Christopher Hitchens Does It Again

Is the Iraqi Civil War a construct of al-Qaeda?
Chris Hitchens believes so and proves it here.

It starts with this bit of news:
In February 2004, our Kurdish comrades in northern Iraq intercepted a courier who was bearing a long message from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to his religious guru Osama bin Laden. The letter contained a deranged analysis of the motives of the coalition intervention ("to create the State of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates" and "accelerate the emergence of the Messiah"), but also a lethally ingenious scheme to combat it. After a lengthy and hate-filled diatribe against what he considers the vile heresy of Shiism, Zarqawi wrote of Iraq's largest confessional group that: "These in our opinion are the key to change. I mean that targeting and hitting them in their religious, political and military depth will provoke them to show the Sunnis their rabies . . . and bare the teeth of the hidden rancor working in their breasts. If we succeed in dragging them into the arena of sectarian war, it will become possible to awaken the inattentive Sunnis as they feel imminent danger."

And ends with this great line:

There is a war within the war, as there always is when a serious struggle is under way, but justice and necessity still combine to say that the task cannot be given up.

Read the whole thing please.

20 March 2006

The Michael "Meathead" Stivic Of The Week Award

Why haven't I nominated Rob "I'm Meathead" Reiner yet?
Don't worry he's up for one this week and for every week until the California elections are over.
When questioned about spending money from one state agency that he heads to run adds to add another state agency (and taxes) on the people of California he said the following:
he has yet to see the ads or read a 2002 memo that outlined a strategy to convince Californians to support the concept of universal preschool.
"Should I resign? Of course not. Of course not," Reiner said. "Because everything I've done is completely legal."

So he authorized the spending of monies for a ballot prop, but he never looked at what the money was used for? YEA RIGHT!

Also this week:
Richard Belzer "comedian/actor (both terms used VERY loosely)
From Newsbusters: (h/t Fox News Weekend)

When Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen contended Friday night, on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, that servicemen she's met in Iraq are 'saying 'we're proud of our mission, we know what we're doing over here. We don't want you guys in Washington to lose it over there,' actor/comedian Richard Belzer condescendingly fired back, claiming that to 'ask them' is 'bullshit' since, apparently unlike him, 'they don't read twenty newspapers a day.' Ros-Lehtinen cited the knowledge of her Marine officer stepson, but Belzer, who plays Detective John Munch on NBC's Law & Order: SVU, retorted: ' Doesn't mean he's a brilliant scholar about the war because he's there.' A quite agitated Ros-Lehtinen sputtered: "Oh, you are though! You are though? Okay." To which Belzer affirmed: "Well I have more time...' Host Bill Maher interjected that Belzer's point was that a 9-year-old is in the army because he probably couldn't find other employment." The Republican Congresswoman from Florida countered that her stepson is a college graduate, leading Belzer to snidely denigrate the military: "You think everyone over there is a college graduate? They're 19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn't get a job. Ros-Lehtinen mocked him: "Yeah, you know because you've been there." Belzer rudely lashed back: "What, I don't f***ing read!? Don't do that!" He went on to argue: "It's this patronizing thing that people have about if you're against the war everyone's lumped together. You know, the soldiers are not scholars, they're not war experts." That was too much for host Bill Maher: "You're going to lose even me...

Some thoughts on that exchange:
First: I've very surprised that Bill Maher had some one as conservative and smart as Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen on his ego trip show.
Second: Well it all depends on which 20 newpapers you read, now don't it?
Third:Who has time to read more then one newspaper when you're in a war zone?
Fourth: Notice there was no mention of Blogs from Iraq or MilBlogs. Those dumb 19 - 20 year olds can harldy point a gun the right way, much less use a tool of the digital media, not the inkstained fishwrap.
Fifth: Man I hope Belzer takes all those newspapers to the recycling plant in his SUV every week.

16 March 2006

More Iran Stuff

Iran Press News has a story reprinted form by Kenneth R. Timmerman. In his piece, Getting Iran Wrong – Again, Mr. Timmerman rips both the Press and the Careerists at State (may favorite people) as the ones that are just getting in the way of the Administration's desire to do the right thing in Iran.

The story starts here:
Washington Post reporter Karl Vick, reporting from Tehran this week, trumpeted that the new U.S. strategy to help pro-democracy groups inside Iran “could backfire,” by tainting activists as American agents.
“We are under pressure here both from hard-liners in the judiciary and that stupid George Bush,” he triumphantly quotes an Iranian “human rights activist” as saying.
The only problem is, the “human rights activists” and “pro-democracy” folks Karl Vick quotes are nothing of the sort. They are members of the discredited “reformist” movement, which ruled Iran from 1989 until last year.

And just gets worse:
It’s absolutely critical that we get Iran right. On one side, we have a fake Iranian “resistance” group, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, which has jinned up a massive lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill. They are hoping to convince Congress to get the Administration to lift the State Department’s designation of the group, which dates from 1994, as an international terrorist organization.
“Imagine the message that would send to the Iranian people,” one administration official who is appalled at the MEK lobbying efforts told me.
“So we’re telling them they should be ruled by some crazy terrorist cult?” As I reported recently, the MEK helped bring Khomeini to power in 1979, but had a falling out two years later over how to share power. Call them Iran’s Trotskyists, if you will.
Sazegarah believes the main tool the U.S. should use is political recognition of the opposition. He urged a boycott of last year’s presidential elections, as a first step toward convincing the international community to reject as illegitimate Iran’s Stalinist-style elections. The reformists, on the contrary, are still hoping to change the face of the current regime, to make it more palatable to the West. The CIA has also fallen for Iranian maskirovka, repeating year after year in unclassified intelligence assessments that “no viable opposition” exists in Iran. This is strategic deception at its best. You’d think that the few Cold Warriors left at Langley would teach their younger colleagues the old Soviet tradecraft.

You know that the more things change the more they stay the same.

As Benjamin Netanyahu once said;
The Communists did irrational things for rational reasons,
The Islamists do irrational things for irrational reasons.

Chafee's Office Is Understaffed

Why do I say that? Because here is a guy who is always stepping in a giant stinking pile of horsebleep, and he just has a small group of people answering the phones.
"Hi would like to voice my displeasure at the Sentor's decission to 'thnk about' supporting the Centure Resolution put out by uber-Liberal Russ Feingold (D-Moon)"

Crickets, followed by a request for my name and the city that I live in.

Keep up the slams.

Well you all know what to do.
Phone the Senator. Washington, DC (202) 224-2921
Providence, RI (401) 453-5294
Newport, RI (401) 845-0700
E-blast the NRSIPC, go to the upper corner, they have a contact us link, use it.

15 March 2006

Religion Of Peace My A$$

We have all heard the bullbleep about Islam being a religion that is tolerant of others within their grasp. Well this news clip from Iran Press News should put that to rest.

Received reports indicate that the regime's brutal forces have attacked Iranians celebrating the Festival of Fire (Chaharshanbeh Souri). This is an ancient Persian celebration, predating Islam by a couple of thousand years; it marks the approaching of the Iranian new year (which is also pre-Islamic), celebrated on March 21, the vernal equinox.
Well this must just be a bunch of Right Wing clap trap about the wonderful Mullahs, who just want to make everyone's life better.
Here is my favorite part of the story:

Last week, KAYHAN, the mouthpiece newspaper belonging to the Fuehrer Mullah Khamnei, in yet another shameless and fascistic attempt at destroying all things Persian, pronounced the observance of the ancient Persian New Year and the pre-New Year celebration of the Festival of Fire to be Haraam (forbidden by Islam or religiously unclean). (emp. mine)

Great stuff over at this site, reminding all of us that the war on terror is being fought everyday, by people on the forgotten front line.

The RINO Feingold Standard

Yesterday CBS News asked Will Russ Feingold Stand Alone Again?

Well, we here in Rhode Island know the answer to that one. Not as long as Missin' Linc is in the US Senate.

Arizona Republican John McCain, a friendly collaborator with Feingold on campaign reform, pointedly criticized the resolution, saying it was "unfortunate and wrong." McCain said: "Russ and I are close personal friends. We just have a very strong disagreement on this issue."
One liberal GOP senator, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, offered some praise for Feingold, saying the resolution would be "positive" if it fueled debate over the legality of some policies in the war on terrorism.

Reading this piece from Feingold's HomeTowne Fishwrap, one is struck by the fact that John McCain (R-Media) is trying to move closer to the President. And anyone who has been listening to Rush, knows why.
But our little boy, just keeps on moving further and further from even the center of the Republican Party, but the National Republican Senatorial Incumbent Protection Committee just doesn't care.

Well you all know what to do.
Phone the Senator. Washington, DC (202) 224-2921
Providence, RI (401) 453-5294
Newport, RI (401) 845-0700

E-blast the NRSIPC, go to the upper corner, they have a contact us link, use it.

Keep attacking it will help.