10 November 2008

I Posted This On Ace

A little history lesson, for you and all those who say Republicans need to run to the center to win.

Ronald W. Reagan ran from the Right, he won.
G.H.W. Bush "ran" from the Right, he won. He goverend from the Center, he lost.
G.W. Bush ran from the Center and lost the popular vote. thank G-d for Florida.
He ran from the Social Concervative Right and won Ohio, hence 2004.
Johnny Mac ran from the Center Left and lost.

Dems HAVE to run from the center to win, hence all the "centrist? BS the media gave us at the end of the election cycle about the Oneandonly.
Republicans WIN from the right with the support of people who don't vote unless they are energized. The Cuda helped JM get more votes then he would have gotten with any one else (ex Jindal)

Stick that in your hooka and smoke it.

First Post In The New World

The One ran a better campain, with help from a complacent media and a shit load of rich white Socialists.
The Mav ran the wost campain ever!

Now we watch.

But keep watching because things will be always chaging in this new order.