10 May 2006

Good News From Iran

In recent months deadly attacks on the regimes officials by civilians has skyrocketed.

This piece of wonderful news from an Iran Press News story about the death of one
Hassan Mohammadpour, deputy commander of the disciplinary forces from the town of Gorgan...

Great news for all who dream of freedom in the mullahocracy that is Iran.

Try Not To Piss Off Oriana Fallaci.

I'm just starting the Fourth Chapter of The Force of Reason, and all I can say is, I Love Oriana Fallaci.
This woman has more balls than most any man in Europe today. She may be tougher than most American men, she is tougher than most American Liberals. The reason is not a lack of fear, it is something more important. She is afraid of the growth of Islam, the bowing down to Islam, by the left, and the tolerance of Islam by people who should know better. It is just that she's not afraid to say what needs to be said about Islam and those who help it.
From the end of the first Chapter:

What sense would there be in destroying the treasures of a society that in the substance already belongs to them? A society where the Koran in the new Das Kapital. Mohammed, the new Karl Marx. Bin Laden, the new Lenin. And September 11 the new Taking of the Bastille, of the Winter Palace.

Powerful stuff, made all that more troubling by the fact that as I'm readng this book on the bus last night, I was doing so in the line of vision of a woman in a chador. Now I wasn't sure she saw what I was reading, but she was staring a hole thru me and my little blue book.

I'm not done reading it, but I can say that from what I've read, BUY IT.

09 May 2006

To Quote King Arthur From Spamalot...

This news piece from PR-Inside.Com;

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has signed up to present her own US breakfast radio show in a bid to lure women away from morning television shows.

The Oscar-winner will wow listeners after agreeing a deal with broadcasting giant Clear Channel Communications to host WAKE UP WITH WHOOPI.

Woopie Goldberg on the morning radio, Rosie O'Donnell on the View, and Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News. Are these the last tree signs of the apocalypse, or am I just over reacting???

And They Wonder Why Circulation Is Down?

Yesterday The Boston Globe had a piece called Online plagiarism strikes blog world, now this is the Boston Globe, one of the homes of some of the great plagiarist of all time.
This moment would have lead my old man to say, "hello pot, this is the kettle!"

And then today's BeloJo had this hard hitting dog bites man story about how local Democrats are supporting Patches Kennedy. And it was on the front f'ing page. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Well at least we can laugh at them, and believe me we do.