05 May 2005

The Hack Has Moved On

Col. (ret) David Hackworth has passed onto the next world.

This is a sad day here at IU, as "the Hack" was one of our guiding lights.
The stories of Korea (a war my father was in) and of Vietnam (the was that shaped my generation and the one before it) opened my eyes.
The honesty and guts shown by this soldier' soldier helped me to reconnect with my love for America and move slowly away from the leftist claptrap that I had swallowed for so long.

I have many memories of conversations involving About Face and his subsequent other works with both cptham and other friends of ours who looked at the world from a less jaded angle.
Just one quick story now. When cptham went off to Officer Basic (at the time he was the World's Oldest O1), he took with him the "three Bibles":
NIV Study Bible
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
About Face
These books were joined, I'm sure by others, but...

Even though he may have been one of the Lefts favorite soldier,because he spoke out against the Vietnam War he was always willing to call a fool a fool and pull on the carpet any and all pretenders to the honor of veterans everywhere.

Read the Blackfive post for a good picture of a great man.

Flags are at half staff in the IU world.

God Speed Col.

04 May 2005

Something Fun

The World Famous (in Colorado) Rocky Mountain Lioness sent this link along and suggested (paw open claws out) that I post it.
I have to admit that ILMBO.
Also if there are any Starbucks Geeks out there, you know who you are, and we know who you are. Check this link from the same silly web page.


Government Jobs Still Unfilled

Today's AP story about the new Iraqi Government, focused on the 7 (out of 37) Cabinet positions still unfilled. The implication is that democracy in Iraq is failing.
Let's look at democracy here in this country for a moment.
Last Friday the Wall Street Journal published on it's editorial page a partial and unofficial list of President Bush's nominations that are being held-up by the US Senate. The 15 people listed, not including judicial nominations, are being held-up by Senators on both sides of the aisle. The reasons are all petty, and show us that politics in this country is as contentious as it is in a new nation filled with groups that have been shooting at each other for years. Read the editorial over at Opinion Journal (see link on the right side of this page).
All I can say is lighten-up. We took years before we even had a working Constitution after defeating the British, and we are still fighting over silly regional and political slights that in some cases go back years.

Temper, Temper

So I've heard a story about Bill "the War Hero" Clinton's visit to Brown last week...

It seems that while imprinting his hoof print to copies of his opus My Lie, he took time out to confront a young man who was standing in line to worship at his feet. The whelp in question had the audacity to be wearing a GREEN PARTY button on his hipply tattered clothing. Bill proceeded to berate the youth, and anyone else in line who didn't vote, for causing the election of GWB. I heard that that he informed everyone within earshot that it was these types of free thinkers that kept AlGore from following in Billy boy's shoes.

Compare the lack of coverage for this story to what is happening to John Bolton.

One man berates incompetent subordinates and is branded evil and unemployable. The other berates college kids practicing free speech and is a hero.

Man I love the Left.

03 May 2005

Jeb Bush Fails

Well then, it seems as if the Florida Courts have struck again. This time telling the State that a 13 year old girl who was a ward of the state, can get an abortion. WTF !

The worst part of this story is the complete and total capitulation by Jeb Bush to the "Legislators" on the Bench.
I will not forget this, even thought I would love to put another Bush in the White House just to agrivate the Left.
More on this later.

100 Days And Counting

Well it has been 100 days since Sen. John F. (don't forget my middle initial) Kerry (D - Vietnam War) pledged on NBC that he would turn in his Form180. This would allow the D.O.D. to release ALL of his military records to the public.
Why do we still care? Because, the LSM continues to give this man a free pass on all things military. He is still quoted as an expert on military issues and even though he was defeated by GWB, there are still people out there who think he could be elected in 2008.
If you are reading this site, please contact Sen. Kerry's office and ask him to release his military records, for the whole world to see.

02 May 2005

And They Call Us Sheeple

Last Friday Bill "The War Hero" Clinton came to Brown University as part of his "Have You Ever Tried To Live On An Ex-President's Pension Tour."
The usual suspects were lined-up four blocks long a full two hours before he was scheduled to affix his hoof print to copies of "My Lie." This love fest was followed by him telling the assembled multitude what they wanted to here about the world outside their Ivy Coated world.

The fact that they will still wait overnight in line to see this wonderful example of humanity, says more then even I can about the state of "higher" education in this country. Especially in a blue state.