16 March 2006

Chafee's Office Is Understaffed

Why do I say that? Because here is a guy who is always stepping in a giant stinking pile of horsebleep, and he just has a small group of people answering the phones.
"Hi would like to voice my displeasure at the Sentor's decission to 'thnk about' supporting the Centure Resolution put out by uber-Liberal Russ Feingold (D-Moon)"

Crickets, followed by a request for my name and the city that I live in.

Keep up the slams.

Well you all know what to do.
Phone the Senator. Washington, DC (202) 224-2921
Providence, RI (401) 453-5294
Newport, RI (401) 845-0700
E-blast the NRSIPC, go to the upper corner, they have a contact us link, use it.

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