28 August 2009

So Teddy's Dead...

and I just have one question about Health Care Rebuild.

Was Rush Limbaugh just being an outrageous Republican leader or was he just ahead of the curve?
Grand Klegal Robert Byrd of West Virgina seams to think it's a great idea.
In his honor and as a tribute to his commitment to his ideals, let us stop the shouting and name calling and have a civilized debate on health care reform which I hope, when legislation has been signed into law, will bear his name for his commitment to insuring the health of every American.

25 August 2009

Nat Hentoff Got Mugged

One of my all time favorite New York writers goes screaming off the reservation.
Nat Hentoff talks about health care reform as only an old Liberty loving Jew can.

And meanwhile over at Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi says that the 31% of health care cost are Administrative. There are too many choices for you and I for insurance, so that makes it too expensive. Okay what ever.
There are too many forms FROM THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT, not private insurance dipshit. A single payer, government run system will be all peaches and cream in this asshat's world view. Luck for us he thinks its doomed.

From his shit stained mouth to G-d's ears.