15 March 2006

The RINO Feingold Standard

Yesterday CBS News asked Will Russ Feingold Stand Alone Again?

Well, we here in Rhode Island know the answer to that one. Not as long as Missin' Linc is in the US Senate.

Arizona Republican John McCain, a friendly collaborator with Feingold on campaign reform, pointedly criticized the resolution, saying it was "unfortunate and wrong." McCain said: "Russ and I are close personal friends. We just have a very strong disagreement on this issue."
One liberal GOP senator, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, offered some praise for Feingold, saying the resolution would be "positive" if it fueled debate over the legality of some policies in the war on terrorism.

Reading this piece from Feingold's HomeTowne Fishwrap, one is struck by the fact that John McCain (R-Media) is trying to move closer to the President. And anyone who has been listening to Rush, knows why.
But our little boy, just keeps on moving further and further from even the center of the Republican Party, but the National Republican Senatorial Incumbent Protection Committee just doesn't care.

Well you all know what to do.
Phone the Senator. Washington, DC (202) 224-2921
Providence, RI (401) 453-5294
Newport, RI (401) 845-0700

E-blast the NRSIPC, go to the upper corner, they have a contact us link, use it.

Keep attacking it will help.


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