12 April 2006

Happy Birthday To Us

Since I couldn't get Frank And Kathy to wish us a happy first birthday today, I figured that I would do it my self. After all isn't DIY the whole point of blogging in the first place?

A Small list of suggested presents for us here at IU.

Peace in the Middle East. The kind that comes when people are free to make their own decisions as to how to live there lives without some mullah telling them that they are in violation of some 6th Century camel jockey's world view.

Cuba Libre. And no I don't just mean a rum and coke. Part of that would also be Venezuela Libre. Two for the price of one.

White House Spine. I would love to see the WH stop letting the LSM move "the agenda forward" (lib speak for spinning the news leftward), and to stand up and remind the public what it is that we stand for in this country. Why this is the greatest nation on the planet. And what the War On Terror is really all about.

Nanny State Go Bye Bye. Stop telling us that what we eat, smoke or drink will kill us. We know this. Other than laws that keep kids from drinking alcohol or smoking, laws about those things that are legal should not keep people from enjoying those things that are legal.

I'm sure I'll think of more for our second birthday.

11 April 2006

Mike "Al Sharpton" Nifong Is On A Mission

This news from Durham County North Carolina says all you need to know about this politician and his ambition.

"A lot has been said in the press, particularly by some attorneys yesterday, that this case should go away," District Attorney Mike Nifong said at a community forum. "My presence here means that this case is not going away."

This is after DNA evidence CLEARED the 46 players tested by the state. There is no physical evidence, but this opportunistic punk sees fame in them thar white boys.
He has the gonads to tell the Duke Lacrosse team that it doesn't matter what the facts are, he's going to prosecute.
I wonder what would happen in Chapple Hill if Mr. Nifong was the DA prosecuting the Muslim Rage SUV case?
I choose the title for a reason. Remember Al Sharpton is still famous even though the case that made him such was a lie.

10 April 2006

Book Review: Prayers for the Assassin

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed reading Robert Ferrigno's newest book. This is the first book of his that I've read, and I may go back and read some of his other works.

That said, I would like to voice my biggest criticism before getting to the god parts. The Arabic word Dhimmi never appears in the work, although there are Dhimmi characters. Also the tax that dhimmi's pay to stay free in an Islamic nation isn't mentioned until page 392 (of 397), when...Na I'll let you read it to find out why. Now some people will not see this as very much, but in the present War On Terror, I find this comforting to the enemy.

Other than that it is a great read, you are swept along with an interesting group of Islamists, Moderate Muslims, Catholics and plain old killers. The back story of how the US came to be two separate, but unequal, nations; one Muslim one Christian, is filled with things that will make you go HHMMM!
I keep hearing comparisons to the novel Fatherland, from a few years ago, but I don't see anything more in common than the pairing of a man and a woman in search of the truth. This is a novel that has real questions that we do not have the answers to, unlike the question of what happen to the Jews of Europe. There the answers existed in this real world, not in the alternate universe of Fatherland. Here in Prayers we have not yet faced the cold facts of May 19, 2015, a day that if it were to happen would throw the nation into a tailspin. And although I know that other review have given away more of the story, my attitude is you just have to read it for yourself.