10 February 2006

Best. Musical. Timewaster. Ever.

Thanks to KLo over at NRO.

This is a lot of fun if you like techno.
And I kinda do.

Young Me Was A Hack Compared To This Guy!

Can't resist. I came across a great fortune in a cookie the other day, and I have to pass it on.

The universe without music would be madness.

Now as much as I loved that one, it pales in comparison to The. Best. Fortune. Ever.

Found in a Washington DC Chinese restaurant 23 years ago:

Some men dream of fortune, others dream of cookies.


09 February 2006

A Fatwah On My Head

So why not, I guess I can add my underviewed site to the list of places that have linked to these cartoons, the problem is that many sites have done this and many have been crushed by the "religion of pieces" followers.
I guess that we are small enough to get away with it.

07 February 2006

A Very Good Question.

Former editor of the Jordanian Weekly Shihan, asks a great question:
"Who offends Islam more? A foreigner who endeavours to draw the prophet as described by his followers in the world, or a Muslim armed with an explosive belt who commits suicide in a wedding party in Amman or anywhere else."
This question asked by (yes this is his real name) Jihad al-Momani, is part of an editorial that he wrote for his former paper when he re-printed 3 of the 12 Danish cartoons from last September.
He did say that that he decided to run the cartoons to
"display to the public the extent of the Danish offence" and condemn it in the strongest terms.
"But their publication is not meant in any way to promote such blasphemy," said Mr al-Momani.

He continues the common sense with this:
At the same time, an editorial in Shihan entitled "Muslims of the world, be reasonable" questions what sparks the Muslim uproar now, months after the cartoons were first published in September.
It points out that Jyllands-Posten has apologised for offending Muslims but for some reason, nobody in the Muslim world wants to hear the apology.

All of the above quotes come from of all places The Guardian, that usually insane British Lefty rag.

Now what I would love to see, but the mindless drones at State won't let it happen, is for the President to bring this guy over to the US and give him some sort of medal for having the balls to tell other Muslims the truth that they are too afraid to listen to.

06 February 2006

Coincidence? I Think Not

Isn't interesting that the Muslim street is erupting now over some cartoons depicting the Profit as a bomb wearing fool, when these same cartoons have been out in the world since September of 2005?

Could it have anything to do with OBL's December video Of The Year and his Nostra-dumb-ass impersonation, telling us how "something was going to happen within the month". HHHMMM!!!

Twelve days of State sponsored rock throwing and the burning of Danish Newspapers. And let us not forget the requisite Muslim footstomp on the burning paper, just waiting for the requisite Muslin human candle.

We all know that nothing involving crowds happens in Syria without Assad telling someone to get the crowd out. So since nothing was going to happen inside of the OBL time frame,
Release the Crowds.