25 May 2006

Get This Straight

Just because I'm against amnesty, doesn't mean I'm against skilled immigrants entering this country and helping to build the economy.

24 May 2006

Iranian Students Show Real Guts

To all the supporters of the New School punks antics over the weekend, I give you this. This is protest against a truly horrible regime.

Support the youth of Iran.

Thanks to LGF for the HT, but keep this site on your list The Spirit Of Man

Duke Woman Say "Stand By Your Men"

The Duke University Women's Lacrosse team will go to this weekend's Final Four tournament with a message for the rest of the world.
They will be wearing sweatbands that say Innocent on them.
The bands are in reaction to the accusations that have not gone away, like they should have about the Men' s Lacrosse team. Great work girls, err. Ladies.

Well I just want to say this.

Go Duke Women's Lacrosse!

HT on the title of this piece to Rick P.

23 May 2006

It Just May Be The Paranoia Speaking

Has anyone else noticed the weirdness in the news story about the VA info entering the great ether of computer hacker world?

I mean come on, these people are NOT supposed to take stuff like this home and yet, the day this idiot takes this stuff home his house falls victim to a random neighborhood robbery.
Again, maybe I've just been living in the land of the conspiracy theories too long.

22 May 2006

Dumbass Header Of The Week.

Today's WaPo had a great DUH! moment in headline writing.

Elections Are Crux Of GOP's Strategy

Who would guess that a political party places winning elections at the top of their agenda. This will be news to the left wing of the Democrat Party.