02 March 2006

I Wonder What Will Happen?

The WSJ has an editorial (subscribers only) today, by Roya Hakakian, about the hidden news from Iran.
Update: Roya Hakakian's own site has a free link to the piece.
It seams that there has been growing labor unrest between the mullahs and a Union of Workers of the United Bus Company of Tehran. The union called, in December, for a strike to take place on Jan. 28th, and the mullahs did what autocrats do all over the world. They cracked down on the leaders, the members and the families of those involved.
What, you don't remember reading about this in the "Freedom Loving" LSM? Well that is because, well I'll straight type out one of the better paragraphs for you.

What did enlightened people do to support the strikers? Very little. Most Iranian intellectuals, former Marxist activists included, were consumed by polite electronic debated over the Dutch cartoons. Hundreds of striking drivers were arrested, as the cameras of the world's biggest news agencies shot images of the couple of dozen government-paid hoodlums throwing rocks at the the Danish embassy in Tehran. Wives and children, even distant relatives, were hauled off into detention to force the union leaders to turn themselves in, as India's Communist Party threatened to leave the ruling coalition in New Delhi if India voted to refer Iran to the Security Council. Clearly, workers of the world ought to postpone uniting until other scores are settled.

This doesn't surprise me, but I remember the way that even the Liberal labor union movement in this country, put it's distrust of RWR on hold to help out the Polish Solidarity Movement. They stood behind the workers as they tried their best to get themselves some freedom in a system designed to deny freedom.

Well I guess we can all just wait for the left to get over their irrational hatred of GWB...
No wait, that will never happen, never mind.

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