04 May 2006

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

In an asinine ruling, a RI Superior Court judge has rule that only one restaurant in a local mall may serve White Rice.
The Chinese restaurant has exclusive rights to white rice, based on it's contract with the mall. Now I love a good contract case, but...
So the Japanese restaurant can't sell white rice because they opened after the Chinese place did.
So what. Next this Marxist bastard will tell the other restaurants what they can and can not sell.
Now you may ask where I get off calling a RI judge a Marxist bastard, but you see I know this Marxist bastard from before he became a judge. He used to have a framed poster on his wall that had a picture of Che with some drivel about how being a revolutionary was a symbol of the greatest love one can have for one's fellow man. Damn even as a Marxist I thought it was drivel.

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