08 September 2005

Steve Laffey To Hunt A RINO

The Mayor of the City of Cranston, Steve Laffey, is going to announce his intention to run for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat currently held by RINO MissingLink Chaffee.
To this all I can say is YEA!!

No,. Wait. I do have one more thing to say, and that is to the RNC and The White House.
Please do not pull a Spector and support the guy who doesn't support you just because he has the seat in the Republican column.
Link Chaffee has proven himself time and time again to be a craven opportunistic bastid (Rhode Island accent version of the word) who will always put his own election needs ahead of the good of the nation, the party or even the head of that party.

Now we have a real race here in the biggest little, and I'm very happy.