25 January 2006

Another Open Letter

To the National Republican Senatorial Incumbent Protection Committee:

Greetings friends, how are you guys doing in your blind support of incumbent Republican Senators during primary challenges? I'm concerned you see, because of this piece of news from the wonderful senior Senator from Pennsylvania.
You guys did such a good job supporting Arlen Specter, not to be confused with the evil agency that James Bond fought against called Specter, or is he?

Remember the great work you did to cut the President off at the knees with this one, so please stop helping the Missing Linc from RI in his battle against someone who takes stands and cares for the people of this state and nation.

24 January 2006

Doom And Gloom Looses. Again.

Monday morning Katie Couric had one of the NBC business "experts" on with her to discuss the announcement from Ford that they were going to close a large share of American auto plants.
The two of them talked about how the economy was going to suffer, the Dow was going to continue dropping as it had on Friday, and blah, blah, blah, blah...

Monday's numbers
Dow 10688.77 +21.38
NASDAQ 2248.47 +0.77
10-Yr Bond 4.359% -1/32
NYSE Volume 1,653,204,730
NASDAQ Volume 1,888,414,102

Today's numbers as of 16:00
Dow 10,712.22 +23.45 (+0.22%)
NASDAQ 2,265.25 +16.78 (+0.75%)
S&P 500 1,266.86 +3.04 (+0.24%)
10-Yr Bond 4.39% +0.03
NYSE Volume 2,568,276,000
NASDAQ Volume 2,067,469,000

Yea that's right the economy is in the tank.

to quote Nelson Munch

Ha Ha!

Jingoism Or Jingleism?

The networks of NBC are ad-blitzing their viewers in advance of the upcoming Winter Olympics from Turin, Italy.
The fun part of these ads is that they are hyping "the greatest team America has ever produced." Now you know that I am a flagwaver of the first degree, but I'm just pissed that NBC advertises and will then broadcast these games with a fullblown Pro American spin. Now this will happen at a network that the news division tells us, daily, how much we Americans need to support the rest of the world's efforts to stop the COWBOY MENTALITY IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Now why are they doing this, CA-CHING.
Remember even the staunchest Socialist will sing the National Anthem if the money is right, or there, or right there.
It's all about the Benjamins.

23 January 2006

Things That Make My Head Ache

So I was just browsing thru Drudge and I came across this piece from the Christian Science Monitor by Patrick Chisholm (that's his e-mail eel free to use it)

With such balanced opinion as:

Time is on the side of the left. As politically difficult as it is now to reform of Social Security or Medicare, as the years pass it will get even more difficult. The swelling number of retirees will further strengthen the senior lobby. And as Social Security's surplus evaporates, there will be less money available with which to establish personal savings accounts.

The prescription drug benefit was another victory for the redistributionists. While it is true that the left wants even more spent on that program, Republican efforts have netted an additional $1.2 trillion being redistributed over the next 10 years.

Don't you just love that fact that this guy sees redistribution of wealth to be a good thing.
This is the same bunch of people who told us for years that welfare had to continue on for generations because... well just because. It is the mindset of the "I got mine and I want some more of yours" crowd that gives us this kind of claptrap from fishwraps and their underused websites.

Now one more thing about the CSM, I'm sad that their reporter Jill Carroll is being held by Islamists in Iraq, but I am not so sure she'd in danger.
The images we have of her and her kidnappers are disturbing on a whole different level. Nowhere in the images that we have is a weapon aimed at this woman, they appear to be protecting her not threatening her. Now I know I'm going to piss some people off if they read this, especially if she is killed by these animals, but it just smells to me like the week old stuff that would be wrapped in this paper..