26 October 2005

What A Cool Mailing

I opened up yesterday's mail and found a piece from The National Republican Senatorial (Incumbent Protection) Committee.
It was a nice glossy print version of the ad that attacked Steve Laffey for making money. The horror! A Republican who makes money. What's next on their hit list? Republicans who are married? Who are white? Who are Conservative?

Well I guess that the democrat candidate in 06 will have very little work to do if Laffey wins the September primary. Most of the leg work has been done.

Thanks again RNSIPC!!

25 October 2005

A Week Late And A Bunch Of Dollars Short

I just found out that one of my favorite sane blogers has closed shop.

Cass over at Villainous Company has called it quits. So You know how I said in that previous post that I was happy today? I'm not any more.

Hollywood Hippo-Crits

Today was a good day.

I found 2 good pieces about the hypocrisy of Hollywood and Liberals in general.

First, in today's dead tree version of The Wall Street Journal, there was a wonderful piece about the Writers Guild of America, the Hollywood screenwriters union. I seems that the same people who put out tv shows and movies about equality between the sexes and the races have a little problem with this issue themselves.
You see on average only 18% of those working as screenwriters in the film industry are women, while only 6% are minority.
In the tv industry it is better, but not by much. Only 27% of writers for tv shows are women and less then 10% are minority.
The pay scales are all messed up too, but you get the point, the practice doesn't mesh with the preaching. Now does this really come as a big surprise???

Next came a really interesting interview with Peter Schweizer, by K. J. Lopez about his new book Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. This piece previewed the cool things that Mr. Schweizer was able to find out about the pompous and self-important class of people that spends so much time telling us what we are doing wrong with our lives, while...

Oh never mind, just realize that this double gotcha helped put a smile on my face.