10 November 2008

I Posted This On Ace

A little history lesson, for you and all those who say Republicans need to run to the center to win.

Ronald W. Reagan ran from the Right, he won.
G.H.W. Bush "ran" from the Right, he won. He goverend from the Center, he lost.
G.W. Bush ran from the Center and lost the popular vote. thank G-d for Florida.
He ran from the Social Concervative Right and won Ohio, hence 2004.
Johnny Mac ran from the Center Left and lost.

Dems HAVE to run from the center to win, hence all the "centrist? BS the media gave us at the end of the election cycle about the Oneandonly.
Republicans WIN from the right with the support of people who don't vote unless they are energized. The Cuda helped JM get more votes then he would have gotten with any one else (ex Jindal)

Stick that in your hooka and smoke it.

First Post In The New World

The One ran a better campain, with help from a complacent media and a shit load of rich white Socialists.
The Mav ran the wost campain ever!

Now we watch.

But keep watching because things will be always chaging in this new order.

21 October 2008

The Future Is Writen,

By the past.

When the One's minions stand around and talk about how evil Bush is and then compare Johnny Mac to Bush, that is all well and ood. That is presenting the past to stop the future.
But if I bring up Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky (whom I met many years ago) or Rev Wright, that is poo pooed as just a small part of The Great Man's Great Life.
I'm sorry but no, it isn't a small part, it is who he is.
I know, I was a Marxist.
I'm about the same age (older accually) and I know the grounding he has had politicaly.
I know I changed, maybe he has.
Lets ask Joe the Plummer. That answer to Joe's question is right out of the Marxist playbook. And it was underwriten by another rich kid who was ashamed of his weath, Freddie Engles.

I will be back, because this one is too damn important.

16 September 2008

BBQ With The Family...

This is from Kat-Mo over at Ase of Spades HQ

If only my family BBQ were this much fun. My problem is that my fam only has the middle two members.


Okay let's talk about Barry and The Hairplug and the total dis of older Americans.
You can't e-mil, you suck.
You don't use a computer, you suck.
You're older than 45, you suck.
You vote...
Oh wait, no you don't suck please vote for us. Pretty please with raw organic sugar on the side (to avoid any fattening due to carbs), PPPLLLEEEEEEESSSEEEE!!!!!!!

01 September 2008

McCain Picks A Winner

Sarah Palin is a HOTTIE.
And not just as a "good looking" woman, ask Joe Biden. She is a true maverick pol, without the RINOlike aspects that the press loves about Johnny Mac.
There may be some questions, but they will be answered. She is no Harriet Meirs, she really is a conservative, so smile.

This is going to be fun.

25 August 2008

A Great Piece Of Truth

Hat Tip to Michael Ledeen in The Corner.

Orson Scott Card has writen a damning piece about the comming death of the West. This was writen in responce to the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. His review of the upcomming election is as clear cut as anything the MSNBC crowd says is full of shit.

-If we elect a president who behaves like our intellectual elite, full of talk but afraid to take necessary action, slave to fashionable dogmas but incapable of questioning any of the dogmas of the Left, happy to let courts dictate against the will of the people, creating contempt for democracy, and unwilling to admit error even when the evidence of error is overwhelming, then we will deserve, as a people, the inevitable outcome.
-Solzhenitsyn is dead. His messages did not die with him. But if it is not heeded, what difference does it make that some of us keep trying to issue the warning?

-It can be argued that in America, democracy is already almost gone anyway. But what remains is worth defending to the last breath of possibility. Is this election that last breath?
I fear yes; I hope not. Meanwhile, too many Americans continue to think that empty slogans are a substitute for courage and honor.-

He makes some points that scare the heck out of me and yet, I know that there may be a chance to fix this,
I know that the author is a Sci-Fi author and may have a darker view of the future thenI do, but the chance that Obama will be Carter II is still there, let us just hope that his view of Carter II will not come true. The onl way to be sure, is to make sure it doesn't happen.

23 August 2008

Obama/Kinnock 08

So The Obamasiah went with the boring choice of the former head of the British Labour Party...
What? You say that Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate, so what's the difference?
The Senator from the free and independent state of DuPont will be the least vicious attack-dog that the party could have chosen. Biden's famous friendship with the POW "Republican" Senator McCain will keep the Presumtive Veep from doing what a Veep choice usualy does.
Every time that Biden attacks, the McCain camp will counter with a different clip of the Senator from DuPont praising Big Mac.
It's days like this that make me wish Tim Russert were still with us.

Sleep Tight America

12 August 2008

Georgia on the mind

So Vlad the PutPut has decided that the land of "Steel" (ie Mao's favorite Russian) should not be in the free world.

We here can only hope that the ceasefire holds and thatif needbe the US and the rest of the free world stand up to these punks in the Kremlin.

Hopes and prayers to the fredom loving people of Georgia.

25 July 2008

Hey There! Long Time No Screed.

I'm Back
I can only hope it is going to be more fun than the last year or so.

Just wait for my take on the Obamasiah. Oh wait, never mind, I'll talk later.