02 September 2005

Least We Never Forget

The beauty of Liberal Compassion is shown in all its glory in these two posts

bradblog and this one from DU

the first blames Bush for Katrina, not just the aftermath, but the whole bleepping storm. World class asshat. He even get cheesed off when the LGFers slam into his site and call him on his politicized reaction.

The second come thanks to KJL over in the Corner. It seems that demgurl decided that a stranded motorist with a W sticker on her car was not worth helping out.

Read them for yourselves. If you think that I'm over reacting then tell me, but remember if you agree, let us make sure that crap like this is recycled com 2006/08/12/you get the point.

If they want to make compassion a political issue, in the words of John Phraude Kerrie, BRING IT ON!!!

01 September 2005

Observations On What I've Observed

My God, I would have never believed that a large American city could descend into pure third world mayhem that quickly, when the threat of control disappeared.

Let us just stand back and see what the world's reaction will continue to be. Will we keep getting "letters of condolences" and seeing choreographed dancing in the Arab street? Or will the world begin to step-up to the plate, the way that we do during EVERY disaster that hits somewhere else in the world.

I can only cringe at the idea of a MTV telethon for the victims of Katrina. With such political heavyweights like Green Day, John Cougar Mellonhead, and Bernie Goldberg's all time fave Ludicris.

It is times like this that my lack of faith in Humanity is paid off. This is directly opposite to President Bush's view of the Human condition. I believe that GWB's faith in God colors his faith in people. How else would you explain the fact that he is willing to continue the give The Palestinian Authority so many chances to "change their view towards Israel, a view that will never change. Yet The POTUS still believes that an organization that started out as the group that murdered the Munich Olympics, can change it's ways.

Help Those Who Need It

I've thrown my hat into the ring known as Glen Reynold's Katrina Relief Blog Fundraiser.
For those of you who haven't heard, Mr. Instapundit has teamed up with a bunch of other bloggers, both small (ie me) and large (ie LGF etc.) to give everyone a list of places and groups that they think you should any money that you are going to give.

I have chosen World Vision because in the past I have given them money and I have liked the work that they do.
If you are reading this and you need to see a list of places to give, go to
Glen's list
The Truth Laid Bear's help link
or even
TTLB's other Katrina link

Thank you for helping.


31 August 2005

Pat Buchanan Still Hates The Bush's

In a recent column in Human Events Bay Buchanan's big brother calls for the Impeachment of GWB, because the borders are too easily crossed by organized gangs of Mexican day laborers.

Pat still doesn't get it. His Nationalist brand of quote unquote conservatism is dead. And it didn't die on Sept 11, it passed on in October of 1929. Yes 1929, you see the European recession began to effect the American economy back then, and then when H. Hoover raised tariffs (a.k.a. taxes) on imports to "help" American business, it was a typical Nationalist way off looking at the world.
America no longer ends at the 3 mile limit, we have connections to the world. We live in and are of the world in that respect, and we as conservatives we need to grow up and understand the realities of the 21 century.

Sorry Pat, I hated you when I was a Marxist, and I still hate you now.

Cptham a.k.a. daddyham is going...

back to a section of that sandbox lovingly known as the Middle East.
It is time for his National Guard "2 week" duty, so of course 18 months after returning from a year in Iraq, the Army is sending his unit to Egypt.
This training mission will separate him from his family until 22 Sept.


29 August 2005

The WaPo Continues To State The Obvious

Here is an amazing piece of drivel telling us that "All Politics Is Local."
With great incite like
For all the attention and resources the Bush administration has poured into the Middle East, the outcome of its two most critical initiatives is increasingly vulnerable to the sectarian passions

It's amazing that the WaPo is still able to put out a daily paper, let alone a web site.