04 November 2011

A Rant

Okay, so the Cain campaign is weak in responding to bullshit allegations.
Well I guess it is time to just throw up our hands and say "Okay Mittens the crown is yours".
Look it is still early enough in the race to hire new people who will do a better job of jumping thru the flaming hoops of media lies.
This is fixable.
RomneyCare isn't.
Instate tuition for illegal aliens isn't.
The Nasty McBotox couch advertisement is.  Maybe!

This is the time to fix the last 8 years of out of control government and those guys aren't the way to do it.

There Is No There There!

So it is all about a cup of tea?

This morning The Washington Times ran this perfect piece about the innuendo and lies in this High Tech Lynching.

And now we know it really is just Sturm und Drang signifying nothing!