09 June 2006

Sorry For The Silence

I've been trying to post the last couple of days, but for some reason Blogger has been unreasonable and hasn't let me save or post.
Well, life goes on.
I'll be back with more rants next week on such topics as Iran, RI Senate race, Looney Lefties and all the usual crap I rant about.

UPDATE: I just saw that a post that refused to appear yesterday popped-up today right after I posted my mea culpa. Go figure.

08 June 2006

A Rock Upside His Head

A Florida judge has issued one of the most useless decisions not issued by the 9th Circuit in a long time.
When faced with two childlike attorneys who refused to come to an agreement on where to hold a bloody deposition, he ordered them to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors.
And he's f'ing proud of his decision.
Judge Gregory A. Presnell of Orlando ordered the unusual measure, which he characterized as "a new form of alternative dispute resolution,"

Well what do we expect, he was a Clintonista appointment in 2000. Why should the judge be any better at making decisions then the guy who put him there.

05 June 2006

Let Freedom Ring

Today is the 17th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square so I just want everyone to think about what is happening in Iran.

This weekend in Opinion Journal interview Reza Pahlavi talks about the need to support the fledgling Democracy movement in Iran;

"there is only one thing that the outside world can do, and that is to tell the regime: 'We are serious about supporting the people who are inside Iran who are against you.' That is the only thing that will make Mr. Khamenei [Iran's supreme leader] and everybody stand down. Because nothing else ruffles them. The only thing they are really scared of are the people themselves."

This along with stories from Winston over at The Spirit of Man about protests in the Iranian Colleges, Jason Lee Steorts piece in National Review (NR Digital subscription needed) and various bits from around the blogoshere.

But the real sad part is, it isn't enough.

Where is the daily national coverage on the nets about the brave Iranian dissidents?
Where is the union leadership in this country that supports Mansoor Osanloo the leader of the illegal bus drivers union who is still in prison?
Where is the Government in calling for the end of this horrible regime?
Where is the Left that is busy slandering Coke a Cola about union deaths in a nationalist war?
Where are you?

04 June 2006


A most disturbing bit of news from England.

It seams that the same people who have made piggy banks disappear in Great Britain have made the Union Jack do the same.

Because some English born Hadji says

the red cross in the England flag symbolizes the 'blood thirsty crusaders' and the occupation of Muslims

Okay, repeat after me.

Thanks (I think) to LGF for this.