30 June 2006

The NY Times Looses Its Wingman

The WSJ defends itself while trashing the NY Times, in this editorial about the formerly secret Treasury Department weapon of the War on Terror.

It starts like this:
President Bush, among others, has since assailed the press for revealing the program, and the Times has responded by wrapping itself in the First Amendment, the public's right to know and even The Wall Street Journal. We published a story on the same subject on the same day, and the Times has since claimed us as its ideological wingman. So allow us to explain what actually happened, putting this episode within the larger context of a newspaper's obligations during wartime.

And keeps attacking the Times and their editorial stance on the issue.

Read the whole thing and judge for yourself, I already have.

I still have a problem with the newshole of the WSJ and hole they will slant a story even in a paper that is called conservative. They themselves talk about the difference:
We should make clear that the News and Editorial sections of the Journal are separate, with different editors. The Journal story on Treasury's antiterror methods was a product of the News department, and these columns had no say in the decision to publish.

But one again read it all and think about it

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