05 May 2006

Does The Mayo Clinic Offer Family Discounts?

Patches Kennedy who simply doesn't
"remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions. That's not how I want to live my life. And that's not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island."

Well I guess the olive doesn't fall far from the tree.

For a great take on all this read The Great Ott's piece today at ScrappleFace.

04 May 2006

If This Is Fiscal Responsibility...

Linc Chafee has been called fiscally responsible by this group, that's like being called the soberest frat boy by the New Orleans P.D.

Now on his own web site he has this quote.

"Some call it 'pork' but whatever you want to label it, Senator Lincoln Chafee has brought the bacon home for Rhode Island and, in particular, for two of his pet projects - a Warwick railroad station and the Apponaug Bypass."
Warwick Beacon Editorial

Now let us also look at the other "moderates" that support the missing linc.

Jennifer Blei Stockman, National Co-Chair, Republican Majority for Choice
Tony Massaro, Senior Vice President for Political Affairs, League of Conservation Voters
Jennifer Tuttle, Spokesperson, The Rhode Island Sierra Club
National Abortion Rights Action League

Yea that's what I want from a Republican Senator.
If this is the only way we can keep the Dems out of that seat, then guess what, I say them them have it. At least I'll know how Sheldon Whitehouse will vote day in and day out, I won't have to guess each day.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

In an asinine ruling, a RI Superior Court judge has rule that only one restaurant in a local mall may serve White Rice.
The Chinese restaurant has exclusive rights to white rice, based on it's contract with the mall. Now I love a good contract case, but...
So the Japanese restaurant can't sell white rice because they opened after the Chinese place did.
So what. Next this Marxist bastard will tell the other restaurants what they can and can not sell.
Now you may ask where I get off calling a RI judge a Marxist bastard, but you see I know this Marxist bastard from before he became a judge. He used to have a framed poster on his wall that had a picture of Che with some drivel about how being a revolutionary was a symbol of the greatest love one can have for one's fellow man. Damn even as a Marxist I thought it was drivel.

03 May 2006

The Man Who Taught Me Economics...

Every Friday night on PBS, has passed on. Louis Rukeyser, who was one of the funniest business reporters ever, made"Wall $treet Week With Louis Rukeyser" informative and entertaining.

The jokes keep the truly dry stuff from being that dry, and made me care about how the engines of capitalism worked.

Even though I have not seen him on the vid screen in years, I will always remember how much I enjoyed what he did.

Lou Dobbs wishes he was Louis Rukeyser.

Gas And Taxes

From the American Petroleum Institute as of last year.
From the Good thru the Bad and into the Ugly read it and weep.

Alaska 26.4
Wyoming 32.4
New Jersey 32.9
South Carolina 35.2
Oklahoma 35.4
Missouri 36.0
New Mexico 36.4
Kentucky 36.9
Mississippi 37.2
Arizona 37.4
Virginia 37.7
Vermont 38.4
Texas 38.4
Louisiana 38.4
Dist. of Col. 38.4
Alabama 38.7
New Hampshire 39.0
Tennessee 39.8
Iowa 40.1
Arkansas 40.1
Minnesota 40.4
Colorado 40.4
Georgia 41.2
North Dakota 41.4
Delaware 41.4
Massachusetts 41.9
Maryland 41.9
South Dakota 42.4
Oregon 42.4
Utah 42.9
Kansas 43.4
Idaho 43.4
Nebraska 44.6
West Virginia 45.4
North Carolina 45.8
Maine 45.8

Montana 46.2
Ohio 46.4
Indiana 48.0
Rhode Island 49.4
Washington 49.4
Pennsylvania 49.5
Florida 49.8
Wisconsin 51.3
Nevada 51.9
Michigan 52.4
Connecticut 53.9
Illinois 54.6
California 60.0
Hawaii 60.1
New York 62.9
Motor Gasoline Taxes as of August 2005

This is more of the story then "winfall profits", but you will never hear it from the usual suspects.

01 May 2006

A REAL May Day Story

Here is a story that should be covered by the likes of the Left Liberal Media and the "freedom Loving Muslims" in the world.

Based on received reports from Tehran, on International Workers Day, Monday, May 1st, 2006, at 11:30 A.M. the bus drivers of the greater Tehran bus company and their families will gather in front of the bus company’s headquarters to protest their conditions.
Member of their union, who as a result of going on strike, were fired, will take part in this protest in order to condemn the denial of their rights and to demand the immediate and unconditional release of their imprisoned leader Mansour Osanlou.

But the sounds of crickets will overcome these people who just want to have jobs and justice in a place where freedom is a dream.

The bus drivers union and other workers and student groups have requested that the Iranian people join these groups of protestors at the designated protest site.
The bus drivers had also planned a ceremony in commemoration of this day in one of Tehran’s largest auditoriums but the ministry of intelligence and security of the Islamic regime thwarted it.

See photos of the Iranian protests by workers and student supporters over at NRO. Hat-tip Cliff May

Dyslexics Of The World, UNTIE

Happy May day all you legal immigrants.
Here in Providence, while I was at work, from the fishwrap;
PROVIDENCE - What began as a quiet gathering at Kennedy Plaza grew to an organized group of perhaps 300 supporters late this morning who added their voices to a nationwide call for immigration rights and reform.
Here in Rhode Island, it' difficult to gauge how many people will participate in the day's events. Providence police Maj. Paul Fitzgerald has predicted they could draw 10,000 people.
Before 9 a.m., one organizer of the day's events in Providence, Daniel Bass of the Service Employees International Union, said leaders had planned for about 1,000 people but didn't know quite what to expect.
Perhaps 1,000 white picket signs in English and Spanish were lined up in orderly rows around two sides of the monument, waiting for rally attendees to grab them.
Around 9:50 a.m., the mostly quiet group began moving. "Our civil rights are under attack. What do we do?" shouted a leader who wove through the crowd with perhaps a dozen people following her and calling back to her, "Stand up and fight back!"
As about 20 people marched around the Civil War monument, as about another 180 watched, carrying signs or standing in small circles and talking amongst themselves.
Shortly after 10:30 a.m., the group marched their message to The Providence Westin hotel and Providence Place mall and back. Calling out, "What do we want?" and responding with "Justice!", young and old streamed through the streets of downtown, carrying signs high above their heads.
The police stopped traffic and followed behind the marchers with a police truck, an officer on horseback and one on foot. About 75 people marched over to the front of the Westin while an estimated 200 or more marched up Francis Street to the adjacent mall.

Wow the cops expected 1000 people and there were a whole 300 (some estimates were closer to 200)
Also it is nice to see that the ANSWER folks have their message down pat.

I'm starting my own group, QUESTION (Quite Unreasonable Energetic Shitheads Totally Indignant Over Nonsense)