23 July 2012

Just One Minute, That's All We Ask!

Is the desire for peace with murderers, so strong, as to not give even one minute, to remember this tragedy?

Bob Costas Is A Mench!

Bob Costas is going to stand up for Israel and against the Muzzy cowards in the I.O.C.

The International Olympic Committee had so far refused to honour in any way the 11 Israeli athletes MURDERED by Black September back during the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Instead Mr. Costas will mention the snub and ask for a moment of silence when the 2012 Israeli team enters the arena during the Opening Ceremonies.

This is one stand up guy, even for a liberal

My Dream Electoral Map

This is what I think the Electoral Map will look like on the morning of November 7th 2012.

Some seem to think it will be even redder, but I can't go that far, yet!!!

My Psycho Killer Soapbox (tm)

Okay so after Friday morning's massacre in Colorado, I will once more get on my Psycho Killer Soapbox and state:

When shit like this happens, I say we should ignore the name of the killer!
Give them no notice, other than to mention that someone killed a bunch of innocents!
Do Not Make Them (In)Famous!
Do Nothing To Encourage Other Nut Job Egomaniacs!

Thank you for your time...