17 May 2006

I'm Jumping In To The DaVinci Debate

I was going to ignore it. I felt that the best thing to do was let it die a nice quiet death, but to paraphrase Michael Corleone; Every time they open their mouths they drag me back in.

This header in USA Today (just in case you're wondering, I got a free copy today, and well I figured it would help me get some things to write about) Got me all excited:
'Da Vinci Code' backs away from book

Well I was intrigued, until I read the story and found these lines:
In the movie, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) expresses doubt about that idea.
At one climactic point, Langdon says, "History shows Jesus was an extraordinary man. Why couldn't Jesus have been divine and still have been a father?"
That line was not in the book.

Wow that really puts to rest the Jesus was had kids with Mary Magdalene and didn't die on the cross sub-text of the story. Right? No? Yea not for me either.

So Why get involved? Because they keep opening up their mouths. They slammed the movie in another part of the web page. The review contains such important problems as:
While it retains most of the complex twists and turns of Dan Brown's best seller, some of the elements that have sparked protests among devout Christians
— questions about the divinity of Jesus Christ and his lineage — have had their edges smoothed. It doesn't help that the pacing is weighed down in exposition and talkiness.
Where the movie deviates from the book most strikingly is in the attitude of the lead character, Harvard symbology professor Robert Langdon (a surprisingly wooden Tom Hanks in a new, longer coif). The movie dials down his academic fervor, and ratchets up his spirituality. In the book, he did not discuss prayer. In the movie he does.
The movie also avoids the book's graphic depiction of a sex rite.

Okay, so the movie stinks because it DOESN'T slam Christianity ENOUGH. Give me an effing break. Compared to this tripe The Last Temptation of Christ was pro God.Actually compared to DaVinci it was. All the stuff that Christians complained about in the movie, were dream temptations from Satan, not "THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS" that this book, and movie lays out.

But I ask this, if you are offended by the point of this movie, just stay home. Don't protest it, just let it die the big budget death it deserves. Or go see United 93.

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