20 June 2006

A Great Speech From POTUS

The Prez spoke directly to the people of Iran today and scored some major points.

To help provide more opportunities for the people of Iran, we will look for new ways to increase contact between Americans and Iranians, especially in education and culture, sports and tourism. We'll provide more than $75 million this year to promote openness and freedom for the Iranian people. These funds will allow us to expand and improve radio and television broadcasts to the people of Iran. These funds will support Iranian human rights advocates and civil society organizations. And these funds will promote student and faculty exchanges, so we can build bridges of understanding between our people.
Americans believe the future of Iran will be decided by the people of Iran -- and we believe that future can be one of progress and prosperity and achievement. We look forward to the day when our nations are friends, and when the people of Iran enjoy the full fruits of liberty, and play a leading role to establish peace in our world.

Now let us hope that, as Winston over at The Spirit of Man says,

President Bush must keep on talking like this and help the legitimate Iranian opposition forces topple the Islamic regime of Iran before there's a mideastern North Korea.

Now I have an idea. Let's plug this speech into Babblefish, push the Korean button, and send it to the starving people of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, and see what happens.

What can it hurt. Democratic movements belong to all oppressed peoples, not just those with Q'rans strapped to their waists.

Hey, while we're at it let's do the Spanish plug-in and send it 90 miles south of Miami.


Rosemary said...

That sounds like a beautiful idea. :)

Winston said...

Sweet talks isnt enough. We need DIRECT help to topple the mullahs

Anonymous said...