20 March 2006

The Michael "Meathead" Stivic Of The Week Award

Why haven't I nominated Rob "I'm Meathead" Reiner yet?
Don't worry he's up for one this week and for every week until the California elections are over.
When questioned about spending money from one state agency that he heads to run adds to add another state agency (and taxes) on the people of California he said the following:
he has yet to see the ads or read a 2002 memo that outlined a strategy to convince Californians to support the concept of universal preschool.
"Should I resign? Of course not. Of course not," Reiner said. "Because everything I've done is completely legal."

So he authorized the spending of monies for a ballot prop, but he never looked at what the money was used for? YEA RIGHT!

Also this week:
Richard Belzer "comedian/actor (both terms used VERY loosely)
From Newsbusters: (h/t Fox News Weekend)

When Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen contended Friday night, on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, that servicemen she's met in Iraq are 'saying 'we're proud of our mission, we know what we're doing over here. We don't want you guys in Washington to lose it over there,' actor/comedian Richard Belzer condescendingly fired back, claiming that to 'ask them' is 'bullshit' since, apparently unlike him, 'they don't read twenty newspapers a day.' Ros-Lehtinen cited the knowledge of her Marine officer stepson, but Belzer, who plays Detective John Munch on NBC's Law & Order: SVU, retorted: ' Doesn't mean he's a brilliant scholar about the war because he's there.' A quite agitated Ros-Lehtinen sputtered: "Oh, you are though! You are though? Okay." To which Belzer affirmed: "Well I have more time...' Host Bill Maher interjected that Belzer's point was that a 9-year-old is in the army because he probably couldn't find other employment." The Republican Congresswoman from Florida countered that her stepson is a college graduate, leading Belzer to snidely denigrate the military: "You think everyone over there is a college graduate? They're 19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn't get a job. Ros-Lehtinen mocked him: "Yeah, you know because you've been there." Belzer rudely lashed back: "What, I don't f***ing read!? Don't do that!" He went on to argue: "It's this patronizing thing that people have about if you're against the war everyone's lumped together. You know, the soldiers are not scholars, they're not war experts." That was too much for host Bill Maher: "You're going to lose even me...

Some thoughts on that exchange:
First: I've very surprised that Bill Maher had some one as conservative and smart as Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen on his ego trip show.
Second: Well it all depends on which 20 newpapers you read, now don't it?
Third:Who has time to read more then one newspaper when you're in a war zone?
Fourth: Notice there was no mention of Blogs from Iraq or MilBlogs. Those dumb 19 - 20 year olds can harldy point a gun the right way, much less use a tool of the digital media, not the inkstained fishwrap.
Fifth: Man I hope Belzer takes all those newspapers to the recycling plant in his SUV every week.

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