29 March 2006

An Open Letter To The WSJ

This is in response to today's editorial entitled 'The Last Helicopter' by Amir Taheri.
The only problem I have with Mr. Taheri's piece is the title. It should have been why the election of '08 will matter.
This was one of the most important editorials about the need for strong leaders in the White House and in Congress. If we go back to the "cut and run" mindset that Mr. Taheri tells us the leaders of Iran are waiting for then we deserve what ever those people decide to throw at us.
I only ask that you rerun it every year between now and the 2008 Presidential Elections, to remind people what is really at stake each time they vote.

Thank you,
James F. O'Connell
Here is the piece if you need to read it.
By the way, YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!

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