21 October 2008

The Future Is Writen,

By the past.

When the One's minions stand around and talk about how evil Bush is and then compare Johnny Mac to Bush, that is all well and ood. That is presenting the past to stop the future.
But if I bring up Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky (whom I met many years ago) or Rev Wright, that is poo pooed as just a small part of The Great Man's Great Life.
I'm sorry but no, it isn't a small part, it is who he is.
I know, I was a Marxist.
I'm about the same age (older accually) and I know the grounding he has had politicaly.
I know I changed, maybe he has.
Lets ask Joe the Plummer. That answer to Joe's question is right out of the Marxist playbook. And it was underwriten by another rich kid who was ashamed of his weath, Freddie Engles.

I will be back, because this one is too damn important.