10 March 2006

More Oppressive News

Thanks to KJLo over on The Corner we have news that everyone's favorite Islamo-Fascist State can't even allow women a simple march to a park.
Iran Press News gives the story the translation and links that we non-Farsi speakers need to learn what is happening in that nation that Bush is picking on.

A great quote from the Iranian link that KLo offered:
Now, the world should realize that the instability of the rule of these existent potentates is evident when they show such fear of a group of women gathering to celebrate International Women's Day in a park; they exposed their horror by going to any lengths to intimidate and prevent this observance and instead of respecting and celebrating the honor of women by greeting us and bestowing flowers upon us, we were met with batons, mace, insults and abuse.

Man what a hell hole.
See also my post from last week about unions and Iran here!

Abajo Fidel!!

So it seems that during last night's World Baseball classic game between Cuba and The Netherlands, a brave Cuban exile held a sign that said Abajo Fidel (Down with Fidel).
So what happened? Well the Cubans tried to have the sign taken down and the Puerto Rican police informed them that FREE SPEECH exists outside of Cuba.

How is the media handling the story well let's look at ESPN and The Miami Herald, and see the differences.

The ESPN header is:
Cuba team members protest anti-Castro sign

The Miami Herald header is:
Protest leads to possible tumult after Cuban win
The Cuban team boycotted its postgame news conference and reportedly threatened to pull out of the Classic because of an anti-Castro incident.

Well ain't that a kick in the pants.

But as we keep saying, what else do you expect.

This bit from CNN International is my favorite:
Puerto Rican police quickly intervened and took the Cuban official -- Angel Iglesias, vice president of Cuba's National Institute of Sports -- to a nearby police station where they lectured him about free speech.
"We explained to him that here the constitutional right to free expression exists and that it is not a crime," police Col. Adalberto Mercado was quoted as saying in El Nuevo Dia, a San Juan daily

And when you compare that to the Cuban reaction:
''What happened was a great provocation on the part of four or five counter revolutionaries using signs and offensive language that violated the established norms of the organizing committee,'' said a statement released by the Cuban team. ``The local police, instead of fixing the problem, showed their support for [the protesters].''

Man I love freedom.

Let's all say it together, ABAJO FIDEL!!!!

More Reasons To Hate France

And the Belgians, and all the other Euroweenies who are giving up their culture and freedom to Islamist demands, and have been for decades.
I'm almost done reading Eurabia by Bat Ye'or, where she lists in incredible detail the history of the dhimmification of Europe.
It is fun to watch the anti-Americanism of Post War France turn into the full blown anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic tripe that the intelligencia of Europe pass off for "balanced relations" with the world.

Read it and nash your teeth. If you still believe that Israel and the U.S. are the reason for Islamist terror after you read this, then go get your burka sized and get out of my way.
I ain't going quietly.

Thoughts That I Had This Morning, Sitting On The "Thinking Chair"

I know it isn't a real stretch to talk about Left Liberal hypocrisy, one doesn't really need to go far to see it, but we need to keep talking about it. I feel that if we just nod and say "well of course, they are hypocrites", to ourselves, we gain nothing in the battle to out their lies. And it is a battle.

- So why is it that groups that talk about "individual" rights and freedom, when it comes to American Domestic policy, support the totalitarian enemies of American Foreign policy.
- How come avowed Marxists, are given a free pass to say what they want in public (Noam Chomsky etal.), but if a wing-nut religious "leader" says something that a lot of people are thinking (Pat Robinson on Hugo Chavez) the whole of Christianity is painted with a broad brush of racism.

These topics were sitting there in my brain this am, and when I got to work and found that the WSJ had a piece in the dead tree edition about "dissidents". You see Lewis H. Lapham of Harper's Magazine has a new book called "Gag Rule", about how Dissent is stifled in Bush's America. Well we all know that this is a pill of horse puckies, but this quote from the article sums it up best.
As complaints go, there's something amiss about this one. How exactly is "dissent" being "suppressed" when the dissent in question is also being published, distributed and widely sold throughout the U.S....The logic of Bertrand Russell's paradox applies: If "Gag Rule" is right, he couldn't say it. And if he can say it, he must be wrong.

Thank you Brent Stephens.

09 March 2006

Pitching For A Free Book

Ramesh Ponnuru had a bleg over on The Corner the other day. He asked for any bloggers who were willing to read a free copy of his of forthcoming book Party Of Death.
I of course sent an e-mail abegging, because as anyone who knows me knows, the only thing better than a New Book, is a New FREE Book.

But it might be interesting if I thought about the topic of this forthcoming tome.
The Culture of Death that abortion on demand has created is out of control. We live in a world where doctors lie about cloning and the media attacks them for not being successful.
The self-called intelligentsia in this country, wants nothing better than to PROVE that life is nothing more than a bunch of randomly connected atoms, not part of any type of master plan.
Abortion has created a mindset that takes personal responsibility out of the equation of sex, and that lack of responsibility has spread to all facets of daily life. From the standard defense of disadvantaged defendants, that they did it because "the man" holds them down. To the news that
The National Center for Men has filed a lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court
in Michigan that it's calling the Roe v. Wade for men.
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Saginaw resident Matt Dubay, a 25 year-old computer programmer who was ordered to pay child support for his ex-girlfriend's daughter.

Now the argument goes something like this. Women can CHOOSE to abort, hence not being willing to take care of the child. So a man should have the same option. The point they miss is the woman has already brought the child into this world, someone needs to help out.
What kills me is that the acceptance of abortion not as some form of last resort, or medical emergency procedure, but as one of the many forms of contraception available to couples out there. Opps, I forgot my condoms! Well if you get pregnant, we could always kill it!


Now let's wait to see what Ramesh's new book says. I will be talking about it if I get it.

07 March 2006

Another Reason Why The National Republican Senatorial Incumbent Protection Committee Is Wrong

There is a new immigration proposal from Sen. Arlen Specter, Rino-Penn. That includes a temporary guest worker program, enhanced border security, new requirements for employers to verify workers' legal status, and a provision for some 11 million illegal aliens now in the country to come forward and work legally. It calls for a study of whether a fence is necessary along the southern U.S. border.
Now this is a great idea, let's keep all the illegals that we have, and spend some money to see if we need a fence to keep more illegals out.


How about this?
We increase the number of people who are allowed to enter this country legally via the use of visas, while cracking down on the ones who have already broken US laws by coming to this country without checking in.
We could use the old method of Resident Aliens. Keep tabs on the ones who are here legally so that when their visas are about to expire, we could either help them stay (if they are still working or studying) or help them leave.

I remember there used to be a PSA that would remind Resident Aliens to go down to the Post Office and fill out a form that let the government know where they were. It was a very cheesy cartoon ad, but it stuck with me. Now I'm sure that most legal aliens did what they were supposed to do and they checked in, while a small percentage tried to disappear into the crowd. Wouldn't it be easier to keep track now?

Why do we have to give up on enforcement, just because it looks like a big job?
Why can't we just make it easier to get here legally, while making it harder to stay here illegally?

just a question.

The Master Plan Is Working

Somewhere out in the ether known as Kos/DU World some one is thinking the following:

I know that all those Catholics on the Supreme Court somehow got to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and made her change her mind in the Military recruiter case.

This opinion by CJ Roberts deals with colleges that had objected to the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays. Now what is fun about this is that this "horrible" policy is left over from the previous administration. But then if you have half a brain you would have remembered that.

But as is typical, we can't let truth or fact get in the way of a good lefty rant.

Just Thinking Out Loud.

What if I had been the driver of that car down at UNC?
Or a young white guy?
Or a Jewish guy?

Do you think that the LSM would still be as quite about it as they are now?

My favorite part is the fact that Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar call 911 and told them why he did it. Yet the LSM took two days to link the "crazy Muslim" phone call to the crazy Muslim driver.