13 October 2005

A Book You Must Read

I am about 2/3s through The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam (and The Crusades) by Robert Spencer.

This book lays out the hard truths about what "the Prophet" said and how it has been left unchanged in the Koran. The "facts: that the LSM will continue to tell you about the peacefulness of the Islamists and their book are cut to ribbons, and Mr. Spencer shows no fear in telling it the way it really is.

When I am done with this book I have Eurabia by Bat Ye'or, this is a book I am almost afraid of reading because I can see what is happening day in and day out in Europe as they become more and more dhimmi, just allowing themselves to be taken over by the ouslanders.

My heart bleeds for the home of the west and it bleeds also for our own home, as wing nuts work their ways into the minds of the people who refuse to open their eyes to the lies about the so called religion of peace. The mass of Americans is still convinced that it is a vocal few who have highjacked a good religion, when it is obvious to anyone who has eyes that it is more than a small group, it is the religion itself.

A few minutes ago I was searching the web to make sure I had the correct spelling of Bat Ye'or's name, and I came across a moonbatty webpage that claimed that The P.I.G. To Islam (and The Crusades) was on the NY Times bestseller list because, now get this, the NY Times is pro-Israel and anti-muslim. These people are on industrial strength crack.

Rant mode off.

Now I Can Watch Baseball For Fun

With both my Yankees and the BoSox out of the playoffs, I no longer have to watch games to keep up with "the rivalry." I can enjoy a blown call by a newbie ump and not worry that it will be argued around here until the trumpets sound.

The best thing I heard this weekend was from a Yankee fan in Newport, who when he saw the final score of Fridays game, said:

Their reign of terror is over!!

Well now football and hockey will keep me awake during the damp and chilly fall southeastern New England is known for.