31 March 2006

Public Money Vs. Private Money

Here in the City/State we are dealing with an interesting minor debate involving some open land in Providence near the State House.
There is a group calling itself Providence Polo and they are trying to spend their own monies to improve a tiny little sliver of a park.
Meanwhile Deborah Melino-Wender, the commission's executive director, says that Station Park was planned as an open, green space between downtown and the State House. What she doesn't say is that the work to improve this park would be done with Federal taxpayer funded grants.
So what side am I on?
Polo comes across, to those who have never watched it as elitist and snobby, but it is a great powerful sport played, as most non-American sports (baseball excluded) by many natives of developing nations. It has a fun vibe and will only use the park for 4 hours a week in the summer.
So someone wants to come in spend their own money to clean up a park that they are only going to use for a few hours a week, and the State of RI and the usual suspects don't like it.

Go Polo.

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