28 October 2010

Signs Of The Elections

An observation from this election cycle.

A little background: I live in a dark blue "Coffee Party" part of a dark blue city in a dark blue state.
Normally during election years you can't see the houses for the signs. Nearly every house has one or more political lawn signs for a wide range of offices. Some our just signs for friends, but in general they out number even the large amounts of "Mary On The Half-Shell" that most back yards have.

Now the signs have a very specific pattern, For every 1 Republican placard there are 7 Democrat ones. Yet this year is different.

I'm not going to tell you that there are many more Republican signs, because that would be a lie. There are about the same amount of those type, it is the Democrat ones that have caught my eye. Or more specifically , not caught my eye.

There are dozens of houses that would normally have signs that are free and clear of them. And I just have one question. Why?

I know that there isn't the need for Mayoral race pushes, because that race was settled in the Democrat Primary, but there are dozens of races that are hot and heavy still and the ads are still not there.

Are the locals still undecided?
Are they just ashamed of the choices that they have?
Or is it more interesting?

Could it be that those people who have voted nearly straight ticket their entire adult lives are looking at the other column on the ballot?

Are they just afraid of telling their neighbors that they just may be thinking of voting for a Republican for Congress, or State Rep?
Maybe they are looking at the Republican in the Governor's race. And when I say Republican Governor, I don't mean the Leftist running as an Independent who used to pretend to be a Republican.

Right now I can see the houses in my neighborhood, next Wednesday we shall see what else we can see.