20 April 2005

Talking to myself about Bolton

Thanks to Sen. George Vionovich (R - WhishyWashy) and his new set of RINO horns the Democranks have delayed the Foreign Relations Committee vote on the President's Choice for UN ambassador.

The screeching from Senators Chris Dodd (D - Vodka Tonic) and Joe Biden (D - Cliff Notes) caused the Senator from Ohio to "change his mind".AAAAARRRRGGGG!!!!

When will the Republicans in Washington realize that:

They are in charge, they need to act like it.

19 April 2005

The New Pope and the LSM

It has been less then 5 hours and already the LSM is taking aim at "God's Rottweiler"
Here is a story fro ABC News, with the usual relativist member of "the Church" talking about issues that "affect" them, but usually have very little to do with Christ or the Doctrines of the Catholic Church.
Again we see the Faith of Relativism at work. There is no Truth, so there can be nothing that is wrong. We can not correct others because that just makes people feel bad.
Yes, Jesus told us not to judge others, because we are all sinners, that doesn't mean that there are no absolute truths.
If you claim to belief in Christ and call yourself a Catholic, but then say that Doctrine is flexible, then you have fallen far from the truth.
Here are some interesting quotes from Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became Pope, that the media should be all over for the next couple of weeks.

All this will lead to nothing more than the continued slit between the Catholic Church and the Liberal American Catholic Church. But beware, church's that have liberalized have been shrinking and loosing influence, while the hardcore and fundamentalist faiths have grown and retained membership.

More on this later, I'm off to see Cathy Rigby in Peter Pan.

18 April 2005

In memoriam Detective James Allen

Providence RI lost a good cop this weekend, when Detective James Allen was shot while questioning a suspect.
He was shot with his own gun, which the suspect grabbed from him while being interviewed about a Saturday Morning attack.
This POG then jumped out a window from the 3rd floor and ran away from the Police Station. He was captured after a struggle about a quarter mile from the Station.
He was not handcuffed because he had not yet been arrested for the earlier attack on an elderly woman.
RI doesn't have a death penalty, which is too bad because this should be a case that ends in a hot shot on a stretcher.