11 April 2006

Mike "Al Sharpton" Nifong Is On A Mission

This news from Durham County North Carolina says all you need to know about this politician and his ambition.

"A lot has been said in the press, particularly by some attorneys yesterday, that this case should go away," District Attorney Mike Nifong said at a community forum. "My presence here means that this case is not going away."

This is after DNA evidence CLEARED the 46 players tested by the state. There is no physical evidence, but this opportunistic punk sees fame in them thar white boys.
He has the gonads to tell the Duke Lacrosse team that it doesn't matter what the facts are, he's going to prosecute.
I wonder what would happen in Chapple Hill if Mr. Nifong was the DA prosecuting the Muslim Rage SUV case?
I choose the title for a reason. Remember Al Sharpton is still famous even though the case that made him such was a lie.

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