19 February 2009

Favorite Words For The Junior Senator From Illinios.

Sen (for now) Roland Burris told the media that he has been "transparent" throughout this entire BlogoRama mess.

President Oboma has told us from jump street that his administration would be "transparent".

To quote Diego Montoya

"I do mot think that word means what you think it means."

Thank you one again to The Princess Bride for giving me things to say.

17 February 2009

I'm Waiting...

for the recovery that will be slow and painfull.
I thought if we elected HopeyChangeyMessiahMan we would all have a bright and glorious future. No???
Oh well it's a good thing our kids won't have to ...
Our kids too?

On a serious note.

As a teen in the mid-late Seveties, I remember a Moaist friend of mine telling me that we would be the first American Generation to not have it better than our parents. Lucky for us after Jimmah (massive Failure) Carter the Reagan years put the economy on something of an up swing. The late bommers did okay, and so did the kids born after us.
BUT now we are looking a a massive debt that will destroy the hopes dreams and savings accounts of the youth of today.

This is a dark time in America, but if we just run and hide and say it is too late, we give those who put us here even more power. Stop saying it is too late, stop saying that it is over, stop saying that the elections are oo far away and that America is doomed before that. Do something. Get involved. Keep reading. Keep asking questions and don't just listen to one point of view. There are many good men and women out there putting out the facts, just spend some time looking for them.
We will survive, and that will be our best revenge.