22 June 2006

Chafee And The House Democranks

Yesterday's WSJ (subscription required) had an editorial about House Democrats and their great "pay-as-you-go" plan to "deal with" the ever decreasing federal deficit.

Now what does this have to do with the Missin' Linc? Well his radio and tv ads praise his support for paygo, and his web page even quotes from a WSJ newshole story by "conservative killjoy" Jackie Calmes, as though it was an editorial position with the following:

This week, as in the past, Sen. Chafee joined Democrats in unsuccessfully trying to get the White House and Republicans to reinstate Clinton-era pay-as-you-go rules requiring any new spending or tax cuts to be offset by other spending cuts or revenue increases. He also has voted against the Bush tax cuts, the Medicare drug benefit and the Iraq war. While conservative groups attack him, Mr. Chafee has won an Economic Patriot Award from the middle-of-the-road budget watchdog group, the Concord Coalition.

Well now the WSJ doesn't really feel that way about paygo and lays it out in a piece entitled "The 'Pay-As-You-Go' Ruse". My favorite part is:

The real game here is to make tax cutting all but impossible..Had paygo still been in force, the 2003 tax cuts that have done so much to spur growth and increase federal revenues would never have passed.

Makes me still think that Linc is running in the wrong party primary.

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