05 April 2006

More Proof That Liberals Are Stupid.

Rick Moran over at Blogs4Bauer had this post on Sunday and it got me thinking.

Ways that Jack Bauer is not a Democrat:

Dems think that Abu Ghraib is the center of evil in the world.
Jack racks up kills because he can.

Dems want no preemptive actions.
Jack eats preemption for breakfast, lunch and diner.

This is a typical Dem daugher, here is Jack's daugher.

Okay there is something that Jack has in common with the Dems;
He also has a thing for annoying large nosed women.

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Anonymous said...

Indisputable proof that Conservatives are stupid:

"Jack Bauer is a Democrat

When we last found our hero, Jack Bauer was saving an incompetent president from his own top aide. An aide who was exploiting his power to support terrorist aims to which the Clueless President was blissfully unaware, which just so happens to be his constant state of being. Clueless President was just too busy barking orders at everyone beneath him to listen to the truth, which was right under his own nose the whole time.

Sound familiar?

The reason I bring this up today is that Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans have decided that Jack Bauer is a Republican. Today on the air, Rush Limbaugh of all people, started talking about how tough Jack Bauer is, while inferring he's one of them. Like Rush would know about bravery. His idea of courage is skipping his Oxycontin daily dozen.

Meet your reality, Mr., Mrs. and Ms. Republican. Jack Bauer continually saves Clueless President from himself, thus saving the nation from the incalculable incompetence of a man who should never have been president. Sound like any situation you know?

Rush, your man is Terror Guy. Jack Bauer is a Democrat.

Jack Bauer is a renegade American patriot who has no trouble in talking back to authority. He will risk his own life to save his country.

Terror Guy would force him to resign, then have him arrested.

Jack isn't afraid to have strong men who disagree with him as friends and colleagues.

Clueless President fired a former president, who happened to be black, once he'd saved him from a nuclear calamity. He didn't want him around to tell the tale of what happened.

Like Clueless President, Terror Guy muzzles the only black general to serve in his cabinet, reducing Colin Powell to a puppet secretary of state, all because he dissented from Terror Guy's talking points, however meekly.

Jack Bauer would have resigned rather than listen to lies, distort the truth and basically abet Terror Guy's faulty justification for preemption. Hey, but that's Jack.

Jack Bauer and the former black president, now dead by an assassins bullet, thanks to Clueless President's inability to see what his own people were doing under his nose, once saved Clueless President when terrorists were about to nuke the country. Then the former black president helped Jack to escape because Clueless President, once out of the jam, was prepared to go after Jack.

Terror Guy doesn't accept help, doesn't admit reliance on anyone and always claims victory for his own. He is an egomaniac.

Jack Bauer is a humble rebel with a cause. Not a pompous ass that is clueless.

Jack Bauer loves strong women, respects them and listens to them.

Terror Guy loves strong women as long as they agree with him.

Jack Bauer, however unwise, willingly put himself in place of the teenage kid of a woman who befriended him, because he's fearless and willing to die for someone else, not to mention the country he loves.

Terror Guy has never been willing to die for his country or anyone else. He never met a war he wouldn't duck and is much more comfortable sending others to die for his lie.

Jack Bauer never lies.

Terror Guy wouldn't recognize the truth if it was strapped on and rammed down his presidential pie hole.

Jack Bauer speaks his mind, knows the facts and isn't afraid to let Clueless President have it.

Terror Guy would be threatened by Jack Bauer. His Dick would be scared of his independence. So, they would mount a campaign to discredit the American patriot.

Jack Bauer is the underdog. He's the hero. He is a Democrat."

...Conservatives are physically incapable of understanding & appreciating's sorta like not being able to roll your tongue, you're just incapable of the feat.