14 April 2005

Random News Droppings

Could this be the reason that The Dimocranks support the continuing flow of illegals into this country?
This NewsMax story (with mandatory NewsMax advertising insert) tells me all I need to know about the current flood of South and Central Americans across our borders.

Bolton and the RINO part 2

Could it be that even Linc Chafee gets it?
Every member of the LSM is focused on changing his vote, or on why he won't. This is the same media that will spare no ink in taking him down next November, so that both the Senate seats in Little Rhody are in the hand of the Dems.
There is a battle starting here in RI to see who will be the man to take the seat from the Chafee clan. This will be met with the usual hushed comments about how wonderful and righteous (in the "good liberal" sense of the word) the challenger is.
Linc, who I usually disagree with, will be trying his best to keep a Conservative Republican from running against him in the Primary. And don't be surprised if the White House and the RNC put their support behind Chafee, ala Arlen "what was they thinking?" Spector, if and when the 2006 Primaries roll around.

13 April 2005

This Is Free Speech?????

Cafe Press was pushing a tee shirt ( in Fabulous Phrench Yellow) that encouranged people to kill the President. When I went to their site to see it, this is what I found:

--> Product Not Found
We are sorry, but the product you requested could not be found. The page you are looking for may have been renamed, moved, or deleted. You may click on the "reload" button on your browser, or wait and try connecting again later. Please check the URL for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors, and click the "reload" button on your browser.

Could it be that LGF and helped them to see the errors of their ways?
They probably just got so slammed that they pulled it until everything quiets down. I'm new to the game and the two sites that I mention above are already doing what need to be done, but I will keep an eye out, from the littlest blue state.
Thanks and a tip of the cap to CKC for the tip.

Hockey Rant

Congrats to Denver for their succesfull defense of the NCAA Division One Hockey title.

Now if only the idiots at the NHL, could get their collective heads out of their collective butts...

CBS Sportsline reports that there will be more talks between the two groups of millionairs that may result in a deal.

I'll belive it when I see them playing.

Bolton and the RINO

John Bolton continues to be attacked by the LSM, but here in little old Rhode Island we have seen a ray of hope. Our very own RINO Lincoln (I'm a Republican becasuse of my name) Chafee looks as i fhe will not be in the Democranks corner to stop the nomination from getting to the floor.
He says that he belives that POTUS should be able to get the people he nominates to the posts that he nominates them to.
This is a welcome surprise from what we are used to around here. But we have to wait and see if it is just him protecting his job. More on that later.

12 April 2005

Infinite Universe

I've always said that this day would come.

now you can all be afraid, be very afraid.