18 October 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different

Went this last weekend to NYC to see Spamalot, the still fairly new Monty Python Musical, again. This make two. I hope to add to that

Not only is there great humor left in the Python well, it is added to by the star power on the stage.
David Hyde Pierce was robbed, he didn't even get nominated for best actor, but he still rocked.
Tim Curry as King Arthur and a cast of a dozen playing a cast of dozens.
Hank Azaria was in the original cast, but left to be in a movie.
He is coming back, but Tim Curry is supposed to be leaving soon. Which is too bad, he is very good.
The songs are not all original to the show, as they bring out some classic Python by using (Always Look On The) Bright Side Of Life in this play. Unfortunately if they ever put Life Of Brian on stage, there will be no closing number. Check out the soundtrack for the song You Won't Succeed On Broadway, LOL.
If you have a chance check it out, if not wait I have news:
It is going on tour starting next year and it is going to open in Boston March 7, 2006 - April 15, 2006 at the Colonial Theatre.

And if Chicago or Washington DC are not near you either go, here to keep up with tour dates and to learn silly bits about this play.


The Incumbent Protection Committee Strikes Again

The Senate Republican leadership has decided that more vicious adds are what is needed in the Laffey Vs. Chafee race.

Smacking around a fellow Republican, because he has the gaul to run against "one of the boys."
This guy, Chafee, is not his father. He is not worthy of blind loyalty, for the prime reason that he has shown almost no loyalty to the President or the National Party.

As I have stated before, the Senator from Virginia, opps Rhode Island, DIDN'T EVEN VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT FOR RE-ELECTION IN '04.

And this is the guy that the Senate Republicans want to make sure is still sitting with them at all those fancy fund raising parties that the Beltway is famous for.

Well if that is the way they feel, then I have no choice than to do all I can to make sure Steve Laffey gets the party nomination.

As an aside,there is a great piece today in NRO about this race. Read it and also check out the link to the RI blog that John Miller gives.

17 October 2005

Again With The Original Vs. Conservative

Rush Limbaugh has a piece in the WSJ today about Harriet Miers.
He is using the divisions in the conservative movement over Ms. Miers, to show the strengths of the movement. This is an interesting view, but he continues to harp an the same flat notes, we don't know where she stands, we don't know where she stands, we don't know where she stands. You're right Rush, we don't know, but this need to place the conservative tag on the President's nomination, before we will approve it, needs to be stopped.

Rush wants this to be a fight for the future of the nation over this SCOTUS nomination, he wants the liberals to have to stand up and be counted as liberals.
What that doesn't happen on an hourly basis in Washington??
The supreme Court nomination is not a litmus test to OUT Leftists, as Rush seems to think. It is a way for the President to put his stamp on the future of the Court for the next 20+ years

I am not looking for someone who will rule on issues from the conservative side of the bench, I want an originalist.

Let the nomination go forward and tell your senator to vote however you feel. But before you do go here and get a giggle out of the politics of SCOTUS nominations.

Remember, we don't know where she stands, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The U.N. Wants To Shut Me Down

Well not me personally, but...

The U.N. wants to rest control of Internet domain governance from the California based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a Non Governmental, Non Profit Corporation.

They want the Internet to be more culturally appropriate and diverse. WTF!
So we are going to have to listen to such diverse governments as China and Iran, telling us can and can not be put on the internet.

For more info go to LGF, Charles had some stories about it the last couple of weeks, and pick up a dead tree copy of the Wall Street Journal and read the top WSJ editorial (the online version of the editorial is subscribers only).

Well I wish them luck, not, and to paraphrase Charlton Heston.


Lies And The Lying Liars

Yahoo News has the following headline

Iraqis: Civilians Killed in U.S. Bombing

Oh My G-d, not that!!
How dare we kill civilians the day after they voted for a new Constitution.

Oh wait let me read the story, not just the header:

U.S. warplanes and helicopters bombed two western villages, killing an
estimated 70 militants near a site where five American soldiers died in a
weekend roadside blast, the military said Monday. Residents
at least 39 of the dead were civilians. (emphasis added)

So the residents of two villages that attacked American soldiers said that more then half of those killed in retaliation were civilians. PROVE IT!!!!

But the LSM just goes out and writes headlines that get peoples attention and continues to stir the pot of Pro-Terrorism.
I have decided that it should no longer be called Anti-Americanism, it should be called what it is Pro-Terrorism.
These people will not be happy until their lives are being ruled and decided by Sharia Courts. And boy will they be in for a surprise.