31 May 2006

Iranian Nut Job Interview

The German weekly DER SPIEGEL did an interview with His Screwyness Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Iran Press News has the transcript.

Oh my G-d, this guy is Grade A crazy.

My Favorite part of the barking moon bat:

SPIEGEL: We can only speak for ourselves. DER SPIEGEL is nobody's hostage; SPIEGEL does not deal only with Germany's past and the Germans' crimes. We're not Israel's uncritical ally in the Palestian conflict. But we want to make one thing very clear: We are critical, we are independent, but we won't simply stand by without protest when the existential right of the state of Israel, where many Holocaust survivors live, is being questioned.
Ahmadinejad: Precisely that is our point. Why should you feel obliged to the Zionists? If there really had been a Holocaust, Israel ought to be located in Europe, not in Palestine.
SPIEGEL: Do you want to resettle a whole people 60 years after the end of the war?
Ahmadinejad: Five million Palestinians have not had a home for 60 years. It is amazing really: You have been paying reparations for the Holocaust for 60 years and will have to keep paying up for another 100 years. Why then is the fate of the Palestinians no issue here?

Read the whole thing. It sends chills down your spine.
And this is the moonbat that Eurabia wants us to "talk" to about nuclear energy and wepons?

I first found the whole english translation over at Iran Press, althought I just noticed that Charles at LGF, linked to it yesterday.


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