14 December 2005

Tomorrow Iraq, The Day After ...?

One of the greatest moments in the history of the Middle East takes place tomorrow.

Millions of people of all belief systems will stand in line to vote.

Men and women together will stand in line to vote.

And they will do it without the fear that elections in the past always brought out. They will not be afraid of the ruler, they are not being given the choice between ONE MAN and no one else. They are getting the choice to choose a full time long running DEMOCRATIC government. And they will all gladly show their purple fingers to the world.

This morning I saw a clip of an Iraqi woman voting here in the United States. She was old and feisty. She looked right at the TV camera and said
Anyone who does not support what has been done by America and President Bush,

That seems to be the theme of this election and I love it.

13 December 2005

Global Warming My Frozen ***

So Friday Dec 9 was a perfect day here in southeastern New England.
Snow in the morning followed by slush, then a thunder snow storm topped off with a beautiful blue sky sunset and overnight temps in the teens.
Now I realize to some people, and mountain lions, who live in the higher elevations of this wonderful country that sounds like a typical Friday in December. But this is a state in SOUTHEastern New England, where the highest point is the state landfill.
We are off the Atlantic and are used to an occasional bad storm, but the infamous Blizzard of 78 was 32 inches. I mean, Buffalo gets that much snow when the wind blows off the Great Lakes.
We are not at the center of truly bad weather, yet we have a bunch of politicians (our RINO in the Senate being the prime one) who keep trying to sell the rest of us on the lie that is GLOBAL WARMING.

I have just been reading some of the noise that came out of Montreal last week, as the 10-day United Nations Climate Change Conference, came to a screeching halt. And I do mean screeching. One member of the MENSA midgets that spoke, summed it all up (NOT) for those of us who wonder why, if there is global warming, we have lost all feeling in our toes.

"Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter, that's what we're dealing with," said Steven Guilbeault, the director of the Greenpeace movement for Quebec.

The jury is out they say. No it isn't.
The facts do not support the claim that we as humans are causing any serious global warming.
The Earth is a large ball of water, weather changes, and we are just along for the ride.

While working on this little screed I found a great site, , they seem to have a true grasp of the facts involved, and they find and present them form various sources around the globe. Check them out.

So if you have any feeling left in your fingers type your way over and read, read, read and then do something the left refuses to do, think.

That is all!

12 December 2005

The Battle Is Joined

Pat Toomey, who knows a thing or two about fighting "moderate" republicans, has a great piece in Opinion Journal about the RI Republican Senatorial primary next year.

In an announcement from The Club For Growth endorsing Steve Laffey over the RINO from Virginia, he calls to task the "leadership" of the national party. Mr. Toomey reminds us what Ronald Reagan stood for, limited government, a strong nation (economically and militarily), and lower taxes. And he lays the support for Sen Chafee on a

dutifully enforce(ed)... Unprincipled, though ironclad, mutual-defense agreement that ignores ideology.

This mutual defense agreement puts more emphasis on the number of Republicans in the Senate, than on the type of Republicans we have in the Senate.

The following quote from Mr. Toomey says the things about this race that I wish I had said.

After 10 years of controlling Congress, Washington Republicans have an identity crisis. It was Republicans who gave us a farm bill that only a Soviet central planner could love; a campaign-finance reform bill that expands government's unconstitutional restrictions on speech; a prescription-drug entitlement program that Lyndon Johnson could only have dreamed of; and a transportation bill with more than 40-times as many pork projects it took to earn Reagan's veto. So, we ask a fair question: Is Reagan's vision of limited government --the fundamental principle that brought Republicans to power-- still part of the Republican identity, or has it been abandoned in favor of the seductive power of controlling unlimited government?

Now let us see what the "leaders" of the party have to say about this.

My guess is they will attack Pat Toomey and not work to fix the root problem.