23 June 2006

Can We Call Them Traitors NOW?

The New York Times broke this story today. And in their own words:

Viewed by the Bush administration as a vital tool, the program has played a hidden role in domestic and foreign terrorism investigations since 2001 and helped in the capture of the most wanted Qaeda figure in Southeast Asia, the officials said.

Now they were not alone in the treason game. The LA Times and even the newshole (thanks Ben Stein) of the Wall Street Journal, had versions of this story. It was of course picked up by my local fishwrap, and placed just under the story about the Missin' Linc siding with the Dems in yesterday's troop vote.

Here we have some of the most "important" (their words/ not mine) newspapers in the nations continuing the Learn about it - Tell the world about it game that wins them fans and Pulitzer's.

Who cares if there are real terrorists in this country and in other nations that we are stopping? Who cares if American lives will be saved?
Who care as long as the Bush administration looks bad, even when no innocent is hurt?
They only care about themselves and their own need to be ego stroked.

I'm bullshit about this, but I have found a way to smile and it is once again thanks to the Great Ott and his wonderful take on this. Best line:

"crucial to the success of the war on the war on terror"

LOL and true because that is what it is.

Again can we call them traitors NOW?????


Altitudinous Rocky Mtn Lioness said...

Jimmy, baby oh baby! (*bends down to pat him on the head*)


So do they think if islamofascists strike again that their pansy arses are exempt? Are they covertly trying to barter with those blood thirsty thugs?

90% of the LameStreamedia needs a good, hard FLUSH! Fools!

jimmytheleg said...

Thanks for the pat down. ;-)

I am just sick and tired of their lefty belief system that seems to think that they are going to live longer then 20 minutes in an islomofacsist America.
Don't they realize that they will be the first lined up and beheaded by their new islomist overlords.