30 January 2009

Now To Keep Up The Fight.

The House Republicans have given Barry no love, or comfort.

By refusing to sign on to this Pork-U-Lous bill they have given the left the full bill to pay when the shit hits the fan.

Thank G-d, because the shit will hit, and then the 2010 elections will show the American people who really wants to help get us out of this mess.

Stand firm, call your Senators and keep your children safe by fighting this Pile Of Crap bill.

27 January 2009

Sara PAC

The MooseKiller and Former Mayor of a town larger than Barry's State rep district has launched a site to get money and info out there for the RIGHT part of the party.
I have provided a link in my list o links.
Go, now, sign up and be happy.

I Pledge

To be the best damn member of the loyal opposition.
To get my act together and post more than every 12 weeks.
To get to know the other blogers that don't make my head spin.
To read what The One says he will do and not just listen to what the media says he will do (this includes el Rushbo).
To never do another one of these stupid "I pledge" pieces.
To give you this.