12 June 2006

My Efforts In The War Against Left/Liberal/Loons

This past weekend I found myself in bookstores turning copies of Ann Coulter's book "Godless" around so that they were facing the RIGHT way, pun intended.

At the local Borders, I saw a full display of the "offending" book turned around as I was first walking into the store. When I was done they were all facing out, so that people could see both the title and the photo of the author.

I also ran into the old "turn and hide the book behind another book" trick at our usually reliable warehouse club store. When I was done fixing the display, I was confronted by an employee of the store, who was wondering what it was that I was doing. After informing her that I was putting the book out in such a way that shoppers could acutely see it and if they wished to, they could buy a copy, I received a stammering repeat of the first question. I then asked her if she wanted me to report to her manager the manner in which I found the book displayed in the first place. She walked away. I went by later, on my way out and found that the books were just as I had left them.

So what's all this talk about the right to dissent being squashed by the Republithug ChimpyMcHitlerBurton's goons?
Who's freedoms are being denied now?

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