22 March 2006

Socialism Remains A Failure

In France the students are revolting, and they are protesting too.

Prime Minister Dominique (who is a man) de Villepin rammed a law thru the National Assembly that was supposed to help French youth get full time employment. This law would allow employers to fire, without giving a reason, any employee under the age of 26. So this safety valve for the employer would encourage them to hire resent college graduates.
This view from the AP:
(B)ut critics say it gives younger workers less job security and undermines France's generous labor protections.
Bolstered by support from trade unions, students led a new protest Tuesday, marching across the Left Bank and shouting "It's the street that rules!"

You see when faced with
Job competition from emerging markets _ the government's key argument for the new law _ is far from most students' minds. Their leaders say French workers cannot accept longer hours and lower pay on par with Asian economies.

Oh My G-d! We can't change the dead system, let's just play around with small parts of it. Oh wait, we can't even do that because
"It's the street that rules!"

France is circling the euroloo.

And these are the people that Jean Phraude Kerrie want us to listen to when it came to foreign affairs.

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