12 January 2006

If This Is Global Warming...

Bring it on!
Okay so the last 5 days have been sunny and the temps have been above average!
Now that phrase is very interesting, the global Warming wacko's always mention when temperatures are higher (or even lower, remember colder days are a sign of global warming too) and they use those daily numbers a PROOF!
Well there is a reason that the term is average temperature, that is because you take a bunch of numbers and come up with a number that is equi distant between the highest and the lowest temp recorded for either that day or that month.
So since we have only been working with aprox 90 years of numbers, for a planet that according to Science is millions of years old, HOW THE F*** ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF THERE IS OR ISN'T GLOBAL WARMING.

Now, one last thing, even if there is global warming the real argument is what is causing it.
Are we to believe that humans are so evil that we are changing a world we have only occupied for a short time, to the point of death. Or could it just be a natural cycle of warm and cold, ice and dry.

Just think about it please.

A Great Post From Jonah

ROE & REASON [Jonah Goldberg]
That has been my chief complaint of all stupid commentary on the hearings (by which I mean anything that sounds like it may have been uttered by a staffer of the Today Show). Overturning Roe does not outlaw abortion. It is amazing how A) people don't understand this or B) they do understand it and choose to say otherwise anyway.

Even Money Bets

There are some things you can always bet on happening:

The sun will rise in the east,
The CBS Morning Show will come in last,
Hundreds will die during the Hadj each year,
Senate Democrats will speak for hours before getting to something that they think is a point,
Someone will come up with a conspiracy theory about anything that they refuse to accept as truth.
And somewhere out there in the blog-o-sphere all of these things will be set right.

11 January 2006

Neil Kinnock Err. Joe Biden Steps On It

In this little post from The Daily Princetonian it seems Joe Biden didn't always hate Princeton as much as he said he did yesterday during the Senate Comedy Connection Roast of Sam Alito.
I guess Joe will say anything as long as the check clears. And I'm sure that George Sorros' checks have never bounced.
But, then what do we expect from a man who is more famous for stealing speeches from the then leading member of the British Labour Party, than for anything he may have done before or since.

And speaking of Senators who should think be for they drink and drive, Teddy Kennedy (D-Chivas), is challenging Judge Alito to remember what he was doing getting involved in a political organization 35 years ago. Watch out Teddy, because just 36 years ago the owner of a dog named SPLASH, was having a little trouble remembering where he was and who was still in his Olds.

09 January 2006

Hypocrite Mountain

So this last Sunday I was watching reruns of season 2 of 24 on A&E. So what?
Well, while watching this good show, I was subjected to three ads for the MOST IMPORTANT FILM EVER!!!, Brokeback Mountain.
Now after watching these ads I was confused, how can a movie about a good looking cowboy and his wife and children be the Most Important Film Ever?
Yes, I know it isn't a "straight (pun very intended) movie", but you wouldn't know it from the TV trailers for the movie.
And this got me thinking. Again, I know a scary thought, but if this movie is supposed to be about the deep and true love of two men that lasts their whole lives, why are the ads deeper in the closet then Tom Cruise? Shouldn't the truth of this film be presented to the viewing public, instead of luring people in under false pretenses and subjecting them to the hard core visuals that the film portrays?
Oh wait, we can't tell people what it is that they are going to see, because they might not go, and then that will prove that Americans are provincial, bigoted and closeminded.