04 May 2006

If This Is Fiscal Responsibility...

Linc Chafee has been called fiscally responsible by this group, that's like being called the soberest frat boy by the New Orleans P.D.

Now on his own web site he has this quote.

"Some call it 'pork' but whatever you want to label it, Senator Lincoln Chafee has brought the bacon home for Rhode Island and, in particular, for two of his pet projects - a Warwick railroad station and the Apponaug Bypass."
Warwick Beacon Editorial

Now let us also look at the other "moderates" that support the missing linc.

Jennifer Blei Stockman, National Co-Chair, Republican Majority for Choice
Tony Massaro, Senior Vice President for Political Affairs, League of Conservation Voters
Jennifer Tuttle, Spokesperson, The Rhode Island Sierra Club
National Abortion Rights Action League

Yea that's what I want from a Republican Senator.
If this is the only way we can keep the Dems out of that seat, then guess what, I say them them have it. At least I'll know how Sheldon Whitehouse will vote day in and day out, I won't have to guess each day.

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