06 February 2009

Can This Party Be Saved?

Probably not, but let's try something.

What we need is to do to the Republican party is what the Left started in the 80's to the Dem party.

Infiltrate from below.

Get on committees that make decisions for the party.

Work on the planning groups that set up the future of the party.

There are no more conservative Dems left, they have been tossed out by the same people who got The One into the White House.

We can do this, if we have the balls to do it.

05 February 2009

500 Million

"San Fran Nan is an f'ing idiot."

That would be what we would have heard if the letter capitalized next to her name was R.
Can you imagine if Sara of GWB had said that there were 500 million people layed off each month in a nation of 300 million.
But, if you are part of the ruling elite...

The media lets her lie repeatly and she is still the botox queen of the left.

03 February 2009


Hey Tom don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Two freakin weeks and the hits just keep on comming.

The Most...

Ethical Administration ever strikes again.

From The New York Times:

Mr. Daschle’s tax shortfall is particularly troubling because it comes on the heels of another nominee’s failure to pay taxes due. We were not pleased when the president’s Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, admitted that he had failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in federal self-employment taxes while working for the International Monetary Fund despite having signed paperwork acknowledging the obligation.

Now we are confronted with an even larger lapse by Mr. Daschle, who failed to pay $128,000 in taxes, primarily for personal use of a car and driver provided to him by a private equity firm for which he consulted. Although the firm — headed by a major Democratic donor — had not issued a form 1099 for the value of the car service, Mr. Daschle said he became concerned last June that he might owe taxes on it and instructed his accountant to investigate. Neither was concerned enough to actually pay the taxes.

... Only after he had been chosen to be the health secretary did Mr. Daschle tell the transition team about the unpaid taxes. He paid some $140,000 in back taxes and interest on Jan. 2 to settle several tax problems — and he acknowledges owing more.

In both the Geithner and Daschle cases, the failure to pay taxes is attributed to unintentional oversights. But Mr. Daschle is one oversight case too many. The American tax system depends heavily on voluntary compliance. It would send a terrible message to the public if we ignore the failure of yet another high-level nominee to comply with the tax laws.

Mr. Daschle’s financial ties to major players in the health care industry may prove to be even more troublesome as health reform efforts proceed. Like many former power players in Washington, Mr. Daschle cashed in on his political savvy and influence to earn $5 million in recent years, including more than $2 million from Alston & Bird, a law and lobbying firm; more than $2 million from the private equity firm, InterMedia Advisors, which provided the car and driver; and hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches to interest groups, including those representing health insurance plans, medical equipment distributors and pharmacy boards.

Same old song and,
Same old song and,
Same old song and dance
My friends.


Another one bites the dust.

Damn, this is fun, and to think it has only been two weeks.

01 February 2009

Mother Of A Merciless God

Just saw this over at Jonas' Liberal Fascism blog.

All hail our Lord and master.

What I really want to say to all those readers of the FREEP (a.k.a. the Detroit "Rock City" Free Press) comes from Captain Happy, circa 1993.

"Sit down you 60's F'ing COMMIE!"

Stimulte This!

So the very important plan to save America is going to the Pork (not the good kind) loving US Senate.

Well maybe before it gets voted on we can get some answers to some timeless questions,

Like, WTF? O!

Read this list for RI and juct tell me...

Most of this stuff are just EARMARKS that have been laying around for years, and this POC bill is just the delivery system to spead it all around.