01 May 2010

Happy May Day Comrades!

This is the great Socialist holiday May First.  
There have been great moments in Marxist history that have always centered around this date.  
Let's remember that one of the great Marxist moments took place on May Day in CHICAGO. 
The Haymarket riots are considered one of the great moments in Socialist movements worldwide. Innocent people died, but that's Socialism and Chicago combined, what else would you expect.
So enjoy this great worker holiday (a corruption of the term Holy Day), and remember to enjoy whatever you have.  Because if the Chicago Socialist in charge has his way you won't have it for very long. 

27 April 2010

What Colour Is The Sky..

in Time Magazine's World?

But by Election Day 2010, Obama will have soundly achieved many of his chief campaign promises while running a highly competent, scandal-free government. Not bad for a guy whose opponents (in both parties) for the White House suggested that he was too green in national life to know how to do the job - and whose presidency began in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis that demanded urgent attention and commanded much of his focus.


And this was once considered the "conservative newsweekly"!! Damn Sam!