20 May 2006

Laura In Town

The First Lady was in Providence last night giving aid and comfort to the enemy. At a fund raiser for the Missing Linc, she stood with the man who has made her husband's job that much harder.
Now I understand what the POV is of the ruling elites in the Republican party, but they are wrong. If supporting a clown like Chafee, is how they see keeping a Republican majority in the Senate, then again I say, let's loose. Think about it, we have a majority only when it suits the ego of an idiot like Linc, when he wants to be a "maverick" and get the adoration of the media, well then...
Running the nation is more than majorities and consensus. It is standing up for what is right and best for the nation. I thought that POTUS was on the path with the War On Terror, but there are many times that his domestic policy has driven me to drink. I know that isn't far to go, but hey it's a great line.

P.S. Last night there were a handful of the usual suspect out in front of the Biltmore Hotel walking in circles and channeling their inner Commie. They were loud and limited, one local news report said there were about a dozen of them, while the local NBC affiliate said there were dozens and then had clips of them shouting into the camera about blah, blah and more blah.

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