04 November 2005

Senator Carl Levin Stooge For al-Jazeera?

There is a great piece in Todays Opinion Journal that talks about the problems with Senator Levin's objection to the appointment of Dorrance Smith to the job of assistant secretary of defense for public affairs.

The facts in this piece that Mr. Smith wrote in April, are what seems to be what is keeping the Senator up at night.
I don't know why! Here are some of the relevant quotes that have caused the Senator to hold-up the appointment.

The collaboration between the terrorists and al-Jazeera is stronger than
ever. While the precise terms of that relationship are virtually unknown, we do
know this: al-Jazeera and the terrorists have a working arrangement that extends
beyond a modus vivendi. When the terrorists want to broadcast something that
helps their cause, they have immediate and reliable access to al-Jazeera. This
relationship--in a time of war--raises some important questions:

* What does Al-Jazeera promise the terrorist organizations in order to get consistent access to their video?

* Does it pay for material?

*Is it promised safety and protection if it continues to air unedited tapes? (No Al-Jazeera employee has been killed or taken hostage by the terrorists. When I ran the Iraqi Television Network, seven employees were killed by terrorists.)

Now why would any sane person reject these questions? Well I guess the world will never know.

Read both articles and think about what is happening in the world and understand that when we give up asking tough questions about the enemy, we are then faced with the what the Danes and the French are facing now.

03 November 2005

Night Turns Into Day (Eight)

Paris is still burning, and the press is still hiding the religion of the protestors.

After how many more days of this Intifada will the media begin to connect this to the ROP?
Or should the question be years, since the Palo's are still getting the media to blame the victim over in Israel.

Is this the bloody prebirth of the new continent of Eurabia?

Lastly, it is time to kiss what was left of France goodbye.

Big News (If You're A Moonbat)

I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, to find that there are secret prisons in Eastern Europe!
This is the noise coming out of the LSM and various "Human Rights" groups.

Now I'm no fan of the now disgraced night shift at Abu Ghraib prison and their "fun with head panties" photos, but let us remember what that was really all about.
The Lindy Englund crew was not "torturing" prisoners to learn where the next attack was coming from.
They were doing what they did because they were sick twisted perverts, playing their own reindeer games to get their yaya's.

Now the mainstream press is using the "news" of prisons for al Qaeda killers to re-hash (hhmmm.. hash) these stories and to keep painting the Administration as EVIL. Well they are trying to paint them as more than that, but I am not a believer in the theory that you seem more passionate, the more F Bombs you drop.

So my only problem with these secret prisons, is that they are being run by the CIA. And as a piece in today's WSJ (monetary registration required) shows, the CIA is not really on the Administration's side in the WOT. The piece does a great job of tearing the CIA apart over the Wilson/Plame case, showing that the agency's own agenda against the war placed Mrs. Wilson in danger, not the offhand comments of a Vice Presidential Chief-Of-Staff.

02 November 2005

Congratulations To My BoSox Friends

It is official, the Boston Red Sox are now as screwed-up as my New York Yankees.

Who would have guessed that come November 2, Brian Cashman would still be working for George, while Theo Epstein was "taking some time off"?

A Happy Anniversary And A Not So Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, I was standing outside of a polling place in Charlestown Rhode Island asking every 5th person to take an exit poll about the Presidential Election.
Boy were they ever wrong.

Thank God for voter fraud in Ohio.
Just kidding.

Also that day in Denmark, Theo van Gogh was murdered by Islamists who were offended by his documentaries about them.
This piece in Opinion Journal by Francis Fukuyama deals with the trouble that faces Eurabia.
Even when I disagree with him he makes some interesting points, read it.

News Views

Here is a sentence I never thought I would write.
CNN got their story right, while FOX got theirs wrong.

Yesterday a CNN reporter was talking to a couple of returning heroes from a Kentucky National Guard unit, and she asked them if the media "(is) getting it right" when it comes to coverage of the war. Read the NRO link for yourself, and be amazed.

Meanwhile this morning FOX had a story about the 6th night of, now spreading, riots in the suburbs around Paris. The piece delivered by my personal fav Lauren Green mentioned the riots and the number of days it has run, but and this is a big but, it didn't mention what religion the throwers of the Molotov cocktails are.
Now the print piece that I link to above takes 4 paragraphs before presenting the salient facts in these riots.
I am very disappointed.

01 November 2005

Harry Reid Throws A Fit

Oh My!

Well it looks like the Senate has been called into "secret session" by Harry Reid and Tick Turbin.

A few days after the Fitzgerald Grand Jury fired off only one perjury indictment, the Dems are angry that America doesn't give a rat's hairy. The news cycle has moved on (pun INTENDED) even while being controlled by their minions at the Nets.

More fun things to watch as the Dems slide even further into moonbattery, and the country gives a collective yawns over the things that they are "so" interested in.
The popcorn is ready, and so am I.

31 October 2005

Conspire This!!

A friend of mine told me that his Democrat Father-In-Law saw the Meirs attempted nomination as a trick to make the Left look bad.

First off : They don't need our help to look bad, they are very good at doing that themselves.

Secondly: Why is everything a fricking conspiracy. This whole nation has turned into Mel Gibson's character in the very forgettable Conspiracy Theory!

I guess if you throw enough crap at the walls something's going to stick, but the real problem is that when you throw the crap at the walls all the time, you have a house full of crap and that is all you see.

There are some conspiracies out there that I'm sure are not the ravings of a butch of wing-nuts (from both sides of the aisle), but I'm more then willing to sit back and use what little grey matter I have left and think before pointing fingers.

I want to get into the theory of conspiracy, but this will have to wait for another day. I have to fly and I don't have time to scrape the crap off the walls today.

We will talk about this again, because it is one of my biggest pet peeves.

I know the fact that I've teased this and then run away proves that there is some sort of conspiracy involved.


The President chose Samuel Alito Jr., 54, a member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.
Known as "Scalito," or little Scalia, he is considered less blustering than the big guy, but liberals will undoubtedly balk at his abortion record.
Well too bad!

Let us get ready to enjoy the fight and wait to see if a man who has been on the bench for 13 years is "dangerous" enough for the Dems in the Gang of 14 to change their mind about Filiborking.

A Great New Word

Over on the Corner Stanley Kurtz is calling what the Dims are getting ready to pull Filiborking.

Well get the popcorn and internet warmed up, it is going to be a bumpy night.

News (Not Really) From France

It seems that some 'poor youths" are on their fourth night of rioting in a suburb of Paris.

These youths started fighting the police when two of their kind ran into an electrical transformer shed to avoid being arrested by French police.

That is how the LSM is reporting the story, it is only leaving out one salitent fact. The youths are Muslims, who have been living in France for most of their lives.
A mosque was hit with either a Molotov Cocktail or tear gas.
The police are fighting back, but the "leaders" of France are already getting ready to waive the Green flag of surrender and Dhimitude.

Thanks to Charles and other lizardiods for the news break.

Now The Test Begins

So here is where the National Republican Senatorial (Incumbent Protection) Committee learns if their monies are well spent in Rhode Island.
The President has chosen a Conservative Judge for the Supreme Court, one who had been appointed to the Circuit Court by his father, and we will get to listen with baited breath to what "missing" Link Chafee has to say about this choice.
The Race for the Rhode Island Republican Nomination is already in full swing, and we still have 9 months to go. I just can't wait to see what the response will be to Senator Chafee's opinion and vote.
Now I will state that if he does surprise me and support President Bush in this upcoming fight, then I will lay-off the attacks on the National Party, but if he plays true to form...